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Change time lines. We identify now with certain ages when certain landmarks should be begun and completed. According to Ms. Carstensen, the norms that tell us when to get an education, when to work, when Omega Men's Constellation to marry, when to retire evolved when life was half as long. If we continue to abide by all of those norms, people will pack all of life basically into the first 65 years, and it will be too pressured. There will be too much to do. You re raising kids, reaching the peak of your career, taking care of aging parents, all at the same time. And then, bam! You have 30 years of leisure. That s a bad model, that s not working for anybody.

Omega Men's Constellation

Omega Men's Constellation

Change our surroundings. Large homes separated by long distances may not fit the lifestyle of the future for many. Smaller homes and walkable neighborhoods might be an answer. Architects and planners could be involved in making neighborhoods more user friendly.

Here are some ideas for accommodating a changing world.

It is difficult to fund 30 years of retirement with 40 years of work. Suppose instead we change the time line.

Omega Men's Constellation

The shame is that we re only looking at the problems, Carstensen noted, but we re not looking for opportunities. It s surprising to people when you say something like the number of older people in the world is the only natural resource that s actually growing.

I know now many seniors who retire and immediately work as volunteers or consultants. According to Carstensen, if we continue to earn, that will help Omega Seamaster Chronograph Rubber Strap

As we hear almost daily, America s population and much of the world s population is growing older. Based on these demographics, planners have advanced dire predictions. Social Security will dwindle. Caregivers will be needed for the sick and infirm. Retirement could be delayed.

But suppose that, with all of the talk of gloom and doom, the silver cloud has a sliver of a silver lining. Maybe we have not yet adjusted to a changing society that brings more opportunity than Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial Review

Omega Men's Constellation

Omega Men's Constellation

governments by alleviating the strain on government programs to support people for decades longer than they were designed to do. Medicine needs a model for chronic illness. We need to cope with and overcome Alzheimer s and similar illnesses. Also diabetes, osteoporosis and other long term conditions.

we expect. We have just Omega Watch New Model

not wrapped our minds around the idea of projecting our lives out to age 95 or 100. Mentally we still live in a world that believes that life ends at 65 or 70. Carstensen, during a symposium titled The American Society in 2035, spoke on the Challenges and Opportunities of a Society of Longer Lives.

While Carstensen agreed that this aging population is a looming crisis, she found hope in change. On the positive, although we have presumed, even in science, that age is associated with decline it turns out that s not true There is decline, but there are also improvements in emotional functioning, improvements in knowledge

Omega Men's Constellation

´╗┐Consider growth of elder population as an opportunity

Omega Men's Constellation

According to Carstensen, if you have a large population of emotionally stable, knowledgeable and relatively healthy people, that s a good resource. One new mission she suggested for older people could be mentoring younger generations using the knowledge they have acquired to deal with problems of illiteracy and gaps in education. Also, the way we look at employment could change.

I would note on a personal level that the idea of lifetime learning has caught on with colleges and universities I have attended. Who dictated that learning has to end at age 18 or 22 or 25? A longer life, if reasonably healthy, can allow us to go back to study those subjects we only wish we had time for when we were younger or to learn more about our fields.

Ms. Carstensen suggests that, as to our working life, we spread it out over more years but make it less pressured. We might reduce the number of days worked per week or hours worked per day, and incorporate sabbaticals into our working lives.

Omega Men's Constellation

Omega Men's Constellation

Omega Men's Constellation

Omega Men's Constellation

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