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my current zalman cooler + intel i7 920 processor run at 56 61C / 132 141F and GPU at 47C/116F at idle.

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much voltage, excess heat is a good and fast way to kill electronics.

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Aluminum / steel case does not make any difference in cooling potential. What's important is airflow.

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I was looking at upgrading to i7 3770k with 212 EVO cooler and possibly keeping my CM stacker case, but if upgrading to a say Corsair 500r or HAF XM, SilverArrow cooler, and adding in some fans (about $228 extra to upgrade CM stacker + Evo 212 to Corsair 500r+2 500MM fans+Silver Arrow) would allow me to get my moneys worth and allow me to overclock the i7 3770k reasonably I would be happy to drop the cash.

Alternatively, I might get a case now and evo 212 and not overclock for a couple of years, and then perhaps liquid cooling and overclock as heavily as I can once I start feeling the processor/gpu slow down, but if a simple $228 upgrade allows me some reasonable overclockability right now, its definitely worth considering.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Leather

that would be great without any modifications? Thanks!

The problem with air cooling is that the higher the ambient temperature, the less effective the heatsink / fan will be. Generally speaking you need to Omega Seamaster Chronograph Leather install the best CPU cooler that you can afford and that will fit in your case. Overclocking is highly discouraged in hot environments.

´╗┐Coolest case for a hot

I am thinking of going for a Cooler Master HAF 932 (or XM), CM hyper 212 EVO or a V10. Are there any benefits of going for extra fans, or replacing the stock fans? Any case Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 42

Thanks very much for the help!

Would a corsair 500r or CM HAF/932 case really make that much of a difference over a more standard CM case? I believe it is a cooler master stacker.

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I know its not really an answerable question, but any guess on how much of a difference it would make, buying the best case I can (corsair 500r/600T or HAF XM or HAF 932), and a cooler like Thermalright Silver Arrow? Would the better case be able to make a noticeable difference by itself?

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Thanks for the input, the corsair 500r looks great and I am considering picking that one up, it looks like you can add quite a lot of fans (I suppose the more the better?) and has good airflow. There are a good amount of coolers here, most cooler master ones and thermaltake, and not much else. I don't mind spending extra on cooling if it is worth it, I have never really done much overclocking just because my temps are already very hot with stock settings and with a zalman cooler, but I would like to get my i7 3770k and 7950s overclocked; I am guessing I wouldn't be able to get much of an OC though because of the temps.

ZALMAN CNPS9900DF is available but not the 10x. The Thermalright silver arrow is the only one of those that are available (besides the 212). I don't really feel comfortable with water cooling yet, so I am unsure whether or not I should be purchasing a new case and a more expensive cooler in order to be able to overclock some.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Leather

then that a different story. Short of applying too Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Review

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Leather

Anyways, these parts get very hot when under a load, I would like to be able to overclock but it seems like I need a very good cooling system just to run at stock at safe temperatures.

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It has no removable dust filters, but it has 4 or 5 smaller fans and it looks like it would have good airflow, but the temps are bad.

Hey, I am in Thailand and its hot as hell and humid.

Water cooling will likely be the best cooling option in a hot environment, but it can be a little noisy because of the fans and pumps. But again, I would discourage OC'ing. If you were to get air conditioning, Omega Orange Watch

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Leather

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