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The original agreement between UTB and TSC was an 80 year contract signed in 1991 that allowed the institutions to pool resources, sharing administrative costs and campus buildings. Under the pact which was subsequently extended to 99 years UTB is able to lease space from TSC, including the historic Gorgas Hall, Tandy Hall, the Cavalry Barracks and dozens of other buildings.

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Oliveira told the Herald Friday that taking away TSC's tax base is something that the college cannot presently afford because of the lack of other funding options.

years, and the new agreement is one step closer in that direction, the president said.

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Those opposed to the draft believe the University of Texas System is taking steps to "dissolve" TSC while still requiring the junior college to collect taxes which goes against the Texas higher education code that sets the rules for four year universities.

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"While it would be easy to dismiss Rendon as inexperienced and ill informed, there is a small but vocal group of people that support his beliefs," Oliveira writes. "If we don't get the word out there that there are Omega Speedmaster 57 Wrist Shot

When asked why the four year university under the new agreement would still collect taxes under the TSC umbrella, Garcia said the state would match such taxes.

"And then they don't have to pay rent? I am concerned that the facts have not all come to the surface for the consideration by the taxpayers of the TSC district."

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"As long as assets of TSC are being used for the purposes that we agree to, and as long as the assets of UTB are being used for the purposes that we agree to, they sit in this trust, and that is what operates and manages this university going forward," Garcia said.

end the partnership. We are all committed to preserving and strengthening the partnership!"

trustees that want to end the partnership, we are in serious trouble."

The UT Board of Regents has given the trustees another month or so to resolve the issues and approve a new agreement, which all trustees believe will be a critical moment in UTB TSC's history.

Rendon responds, "No one on the board wants to Omega Watches White Face

"The students think they are already at one university," she said. "They don't care where we get the money, they don't care what revenue streams flow in, they don't care who owns that piece of equipment or another. . be forced to pay bonds for 30 years to fund construction of a major university for one of the wealthiest university systems in the world when no other component (of the UT system) has to do this?

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´╗┐College trustees argue over changes to UTB agreement

Those in favor of approving the document say the merger would result in a better institution, one where students can transition seamlessly from junior college programs to those offered at a four year university.

Talk of a new contract stemmed from an escalating dispute over $10.8 million in unpaid rent to TSC. The Omega Seamaster 60 Big Crown Texas Legislature is supposed to pay the University of Texas at Brownsville to lease the TSC buildings. But after several years of unpaid rent and a tightening of the state budget, TSC sought the money from the UT System instead.

A joint task force was formed between the UT System and TSC to resolve the issue, and it ultimately began to discuss changes in the overall partnership agreement between the institutions.

The contention spread misconceptions in the community, leading several university leaders, alumni and students to give emotional testimonials at a meeting last month of the TSC Board of Trustees.

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Now some of TSC's seven trustees say the current document does not reflect the schools' relationship and must be replaced, while others believe the new proposal diminishes the financial oversight of trustees, who are elected officials.

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UTB TSC President Juliet V. Garcia said the University of Texas at Brownsville is not absorbing TSC but rather both institutions are "pledging their assets toward the purpose of the university." If the partnership were ever to dissolve, both entities would get their assets back, she said.

"As Texas Southmost College trustees, we have to protect the junior college mission, and we are trying to make sure that any changes to the partnership do not adversely affect that mission," board Chairman Kiko Rendon said.

Emails circulated among trustees obtained by The Brownsville Herald show how heated the debate over the partnership has become. In one letter, Trustee David G. Oliveira tells other board members that Rendon and others want to do away with the partnership entirely.

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But it is "something that needs to be put on the table," he said.

Brownsville has thought about the creation of a four year university for more than 60 Omega Women's Watch Vintage

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