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CCNA President Joyce Webster attended five of the launches and discovered a real excitement from the advertising community members in attendance. In one conversation with an advertiser in Edmonton, Webster found herself getting excited by the positive response she was receiving.

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Dunn's personal highlight of the launch tour came in Vancouver. Both she and Stanger spoke to a Omega Seamaster Regatta

From October 6 17, the ComBase readership study launch went to 10 different cities across Canada with a consistent message of "it's about time" being expressed to ComBase and Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) representatives.

ComBase President Elena Dunn, who delivered all 10 of the presentations, said she's been swamped with requests in response to the launch.

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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase

to "pump their chests" over Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase their readership numbers. However, he warned publications against making erroneous claims using ComBase data.

With the level of expectation set so high for ComBase, Stanger said publishers need to be careful about how they position themselves. After such a long wait for the results, he understands the desire for many publishers Omega Seamaster Professional Quantum Of Solace

The training seminars are just one example that shows that work is just beginning on ComBase. Since going across country, Dunn has been inundated with e mails. A week after the last launch, Dunn had 104 to respond to, the most she said she has ever had at once.

"They had always been aware, they knew that community newspapers were being read," said Webster. But with the release of the numbers from the ComBase study, Webster found,many anxious to finally be able to use real data. "Having the database, in a lot of cases, was the excitement."

"We don't want a situation of lawsuits and libel claims," said Stanger.

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To combat the potential for any confusion, Dunn said she will be holding training seminars across the country for regional associations, community newspaper publishers and advertising agencies. The idea is to teach people how to use and handle the numbers.

Hinds found that certain elements of the ComBase data, such as exclusive readership numbers as well as the number of female readers, created a lot of interest in his conversations following the presentations. ComBase's decision not to go into great detail on these points during the launch acted as a teaser for people to investigate community newspaper readership data.

"I couldn't believe the response," said Dunn.

"When you get a phone call from one of your peers who takes the time to say, 'Hey, this is a great initiative, good for you for getting so involved and making it happen,' it almost takes you aback," said Stanger.

CCNA Executive Director John Hinds found people's perception of community newspapers seemed to be challenged by the four events he attended in eastern Canada. Pointing to the sophistication of the launch, from the venues to the information being presented, Hinds found that people who hadn't previously included community newspapers in their media mix were now thinking otherwise. In Ottawa, for example, Hinds spoke with representatives of federal government departments and discovered they were now wondering about the reach of the media they were using. Dunn later commented that she had received close to a dozen requests from the federal government for ComBase information.

in attendance made Vancouver the largest launch in the country.

"I have at least three new newspapers asking me about joining," said Dunn.

One training seminar already took place in Halifax prior to that city's launch October 9. Dunn gave a two hour training session and, while she doesn't expect publishers to become experts in statistics, she does feel those involved with ComBase should feel comfortable using the information. As Stanger pointed out, ComBase is providing the first readership numbers many publishers have had.

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"There were people in the room that day that don't often go to media events," said Stanger.

For Hinds, he expects the CCNA to have a "three fold role" in the coming months with ComBase. First, the CCNA will have to ensure members have faith in what ComBase is doing and make sure that members continue to believe in the direction it is going. Second, Hinds wants the data released to be incorporated into the presentation of the community newspaper industry, as the numbers gives outsiders proof that Canadians read their community newspapers. Third, CCNA will continually ask ComBase officials the questions members will want to answers to. Such questioning is important, Hinds said, because of the place ComBase has now taken within the industry.

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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase

Having to look after personal matters, Stanger missed the Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina launches of ComBase. Even though he was not in attendance, Stanger said he received numerous phone calls of congratulations from media industry representatives in the days following.

"It was like, 'this is great and there's more,'" said Hinds.

´╗┐ComBase gets rolling

With the first major hurdle cleared for ComBase, Stanger said its completion caused a mixed reaction for him. While he expressed relief at the success of the launch, he was also aware that the next six months will be critical for the readership study. "Because now you built it, it's time to see how it handles on the road," he said.

Stanger, in introducing Dunn in Vancouver, let out a "wow" when looking over the crowd. The strong turnout from the Vancouver advertising community, he felt, sent a positive message to publishers, making them feel very good about their investment in ComBase.

larger than expected turnout October 14 . The number of people Omega Seamaster Professional 007 Price In India

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonphase

As the ComBase launch made its way across Canada, the reaction to four launch events ComBase Chairman David Stanger couldn't attend, took him by surprise.

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