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So while we are up to our bottoms in silly noisy people like J Mycents and Tanks, we have over 20 red state greed driven governors turning down much needed medical care where it is in fact needed the most:

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an already precarious healthcare system,. [Reuters]"If you lay $4 trillion one dollar bills end to end, they stretch from the earth to the sun and back, twice, with hundreds of billions to spare.

RE "I wonder if that blog you cited has thought about the implications of illegally using the Hap Arnold symbol."

Everyone agrees we need to address the cost of healthcare, but that takes working together, which this President doesn do. Office of Management and Budget in 2002: $60 billion. As we previously reported, that the amount the United States ended up spending on reconstruction efforts alone, with $8 billion of it being wasted outright. The $2.2 trillion number cited by Brown includes the cost of caring for veterans, and could climb to $3.9 trillion by 2053 thanks to cumulative interest on borrowed funds.

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And then poor Mycent can stop laughing. They have institutions where they put people who have that problem. Maybe she can get some help through the new and improved ACA.

As for the 190,000 dead: Roughly 134,000 of them were Iraqi civilians. Reuters sums up the findings:

RE "They seem to forget that the dems voted for the war"

Tank, There is no getting the left to "see the light and their memory is non existent. They seem to forget that the dems voted for the war, also, and that the WMD had plenty of time to be moved with the constant delays of Irag to let in the search team in, then not all areas were allowed. But, good did come out of it, as you said, by finally getting rid of that murderer Saddam H. and his sons. Who knows what he would have done by now, if he were still alive today. They would rather engage in war against the successful, working American who made this country the best in the world at one time, no longer, thanks to the left leeches. I know you may feel different, but we now are a country that lives on our reputation, but are actually bankrupt.

RE "A perpetual cycle of snidey little wieners doing their best to taught folks."

That symbol does not appear to be among the symbols or insigniae currently listed the USAF Trademark and Licensing Program. Nor is it an exact match for any vintage USAF roundel.

Do you have anything to say about the content of the blog post. or is that just another topic you wish to duck?

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Tanker, you are so pitifully wrong in so many ways about this. It not my nature to feel sorry for most people with your kind of mental problems but I will make a exception for you. Seek help.

Yes, they did based on the president lies. Dull witted people such as George W. Bush aren usually good liars, and it unfortunate that so many people got taken by the Bush/Cheney fabrications, but there it is: George W. Bush stands out among those of middling to slow intellect as a convincing liar.

And this so called Affordable Care Act is becoming even worse than anyone even imagined. Already wasting millions (which we do not have) on a useless program, a very basic program not even touching the implementation of the whole healthcare setup. And it makes the healthy young, who are just getting started, with college debt, ect. to pay for the bulk of this abomination. Family coverage rates, as it appears, is also greatly increased. Omega Watches Women

I take it you mean the "people that disagree with the fufu Left crew." Yes, the conservatives can mount much of an argument, but they do litter the area, and we have to clean up their messes.

´╗┐COLUMNISTS Lousy Medicaid arguments

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Krugman excellent article makes this point:

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Please explain why you think the loss of so many Americans was worth your man war. Explain to the wounded why it was a good thing to invade Omega Watches Speedmaster Professional Iraq.

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"Red State Reality: Unhealthiest Residents, Worst Health Care"A perpetual self feeding cycle of right wing dumb.

Explain to the American men and women who are missing limbs why their Omega Seamaster 007 Edition

The report concluded the United States gained little from the war while Iraq was traumatized by it. The war reinvigorated radical Islamist militants in the region, set back women's rights, and weakened Omega Brown Strap

arms and legs were worth invading Iraq. Explain why all of the American with PTSD will have to live the hell they endured everyday, the nightmares, and flashbacks for your war. Explain to the men and women with traumatic brain injury why it was worth it. Explain the lies and misinformation given by your kind for this war. Try to explain all of this too me and their families, you can and never will be able to. It is obvious you think this war was a great thing. Thinking like this makes me think of another short dictator from the past who was responsible for thousands and thousands deaths, and he thought it was worth it also.

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