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in their name, lowering their credit score. Other victims are tipped off when contacted by a debt collector for a past due account not theirs. Thieves can leave a resulting trail of poor financial behavior under a victim name, translating into negative accounts, lower credit scores, and greater financial problems that include having to deal with debt collectors, repeatedly correct credit inaccuracies, along with inabilities to qualify for more favorable loan interest rates, and being locked out of accessing a wider range of far more attractive financial products.

San Diego According to a 2013 Federal Trade Commission study, a shocking 42 million Americans currently have errors in their credit reports.

That why experts agree: it important to regularly check one credit report, and with all three major credit bureaus. Yet according to a study released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, fewer than one in five consumers do so.

In many cases, consumer who attempted to fix even simple mistakes found their efforts dragged on for months. During that painful time, many were denied credit cards, mortgages and car loans when they were most needed, or were forced to pay higher interest rates because errors had yet to be corrected.

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Victims who apply for new credit cards are often surprised to find they are rejected because an imposter has opened accounts Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Master Co-axial

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As many as 10 million Americans are also being denied loans or getting stuck with higher interest rates due to the errors. Errors in credit reports can cost one a loan, a job, a better interest rate, a security clearance, and even insurance.

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reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The Dispatch investigation concluded there was an average error rate of about 30% a shockingly high statistic.

´╗┐com Offers Consumers New Means To Fight Back Against Credit Fraud

Increasing numbers of online data breaches have become another part of the epidemic lately, with 10 percent of all victims surveyed reporting they spent more than a month having to address the mess. New account fraud occurs when criminals use one personal information to open credit card, mobile phone, or other financial accounts, and do so by stealing one name, Social Security number, and other personal information. In many cases, new account fraud can be difficult to detect because criminals will send billing statements to another address rather than the victim real address.

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help, however, because frequent monitoring of new accounts can assist with early fraud detection. Most identity theft victims won typically lose money if a theft is caught in time. However, many are not so lucky. Surveys of identity theft victims show they can suffer direct losses of up to $9,650 (with the median being $1,900). New account fraud victims experience an average of $7,135 in direct losses ($600 median). Credit card fraud victims average direct losses of $1,003 ($200 median).

why Direct Credit Scores provides a support staff to walk you through the process on how to dispute inaccuracies in your reports, and further assist you with questions on how to better your score, Maria states proudly. far as I know, we unique in that way. And in so many others. fact, by the third quarter of this year, Maria notes that his company further intends to release identity protection services in addition to credit monitoring services to all members.

Now You Can See Your Scores And Reports From All 3 Bureaus Up to 3 Times Per Month And More

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Direct Credit Scores special monitoring service can Omega Watch Old

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vitally important for consumers to have complete knowledge of their credit scores to maximize their purchasing power and protect their identities, Maria observes. combined products will give Direct Credit Score members the knowledge and protection they need in Omega Constellation 2000 a world of increasing privacy breaches, with a comprehensive suite of services unmatched in the industry. knows his subject. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2012 alone, identity theft victims suffered more than $24.7 billion in losses more than total combined losses experienced from all other types of theft (burglary, motor vehicle theft and other property theft). residents aged just 16 and older were already victims of at least one identity theft. That works out to about 7 percent of the population in that age group.

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important, because inaccuracies in credit reports have not only been shown to frequently crop up, but often repeat themselves. And even if one takes the time to review one report and dispute an error, there no guarantee of a quick fix. 2012 investigation conducted by the Columbus Dispatch bears Maria out. That year, the Dispatch looked into 30,000 consumer complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission and attorneys generals in 24 states. All of the consumer complaints dealt with unresolved errors in the credit files of the big three credit Omega Constellation Vintage Black

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