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The cold weather brought us the record low tornado total through Tornado Alley last year, and 2014 is following the same route, with severe weather well below what we would normally expect to observe.

Weather Climate appears the first or second Saturday of the month, depending on when final weather data are available. Doug Webster, of Hudson, is senior meteorologist at DTN in Woburn, Mass.

Despite seeming to be quite cloudy during April, we actually saw close to what we should have seen for sunshine. Data from the Blue Hill Observatory showed 49 percent of the possible sun, which is exactly normal.

For 2014, temperatures are averaging 3.6 degrees below normal through the first four months, making this year the 12th coldest start to a year since 1885. We have to go back to 2003 to find a start to a year colder than this year.

During the 22 year period beginning with the winter of 1992 93, snowfall for Nashua has averaged 6 inches above normal after a 1980s that saw snow amounts consistently below average. In case you thought it has become snowier during recent years, it has.

The problem continues to be the location of the polar vortex on the North American side of the North Pole rather than across Asia or near the pole itself.

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The weather during May can be friendlier to the outdoor enthusiast, but still can present cool, wet weather at times. Omega Seamaster Professional Ceramic

Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11

Maximum temperatures did spike to the upper 70s for a couple of brief periods, but for the most part, 50s or low 60s were the common afternoon reading. Overnight Omega Black

Temperatures colder than normal have been observed for eight of the last nine months in Nashua. Across the nation's heartland, nearly all of the last 14 months have come in on the cold side of normal.

Leftover cold air aloft can lead to clouds when the strong spring sun heats the ground and causes the air to rise. Warmer and more moist air from the south start to make inroads into our region this time of year, which also produces clouds. As we know, summer does eventually arrive we just have to be patient.

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We live near the Atlantic Ocean, and as the land warms during spring, we see onshore winds develop, bringing moisture inland resulting in clouds.

Climate models have failed in showing the 17 year pause in global temperature increases. Looking at past climate is a far superior method of determining where our future climate may go. Climate modeling is an infant science and must deal with an Omega Seamaster 600

With a decent chance of an El Nino coming later this year, the prospects for summer weather across New England may not be what many want to hear.

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Snowfall isn't always recorded during April. Like November, some years can bring several inches or more, while others see none at all. For the season, Nashua saw 71.1 inches of snow, a surplus of 16.2 inches.

The strong sun at this time of year takes the edge off those chilly days, and it's easy to get a sunburn with that now early August strength sun. The problem is that April and May are two of the most cloud filled months of the year, and sometimes we go days with little sun.

The blocking upper air pattern and polar vortex across Canada have been prolific cold air producers for our region for a lengthy period, but during April, we did start to see a few brief spells of warmth.

incredibly complex and yet to be understood ocean atmosphere system, and it will be many moons before these models are good enough to use.

You probably had to pay the snowplow operator a little more this winter, with the 16 inch surplus of snow. The good news: We saw a few inches less snow this year than last.

When the wind blows from the west, we can see temperatures soar to summer levels, but the east wind brings chilly temperatures and clouds, and sometimes drizzle.

temperatures fell below 32 on 15 dates, a couple more than normal.

Snowfall was recorded as a trace for April, but many surrounding towns saw half an inch or so early on April 16, leading to slick roads.

The effects of the cold for the local area can be felt in your wallet, with the heating season cost up about 9 percent from a normal year. If you normally pay $1,000 to heat your home for a season, then you had to shell out an extra $90 during the winter to keep your house at your desired temperature.

Temperatures in Nashua last month were again below normal, although not by much. The average temperature of Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 45.5 degrees was only 0.4 degrees below normal, making last month the 57th coolest April in the last 131 years.

Spring continued to be slow in becoming established across New England, with chilly weather dominant for most areas.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11

´╗┐coldest start to a year since 1885

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11

For the gardener, hardy plantings are good anytime, but other vegetables that can be damaged by frost shouldn't be planted until Memorial Day. Frosts aren't unusual through mid May and can occur infrequently until late month. The average date for the last 32 degree reading locally is May 10. Keep in mind that this date is an average, with last frost dates over the years varying from as early as mid April to as late as early June.

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These cycles have been observed several times during the last 145 years of record keeping and are likely all part of natural climate change that has been occurring for millions of years. The Earth's climate is always changing, which is what we should be seeing on a healthy planet.

Rainfall totaled 3.16 inches, 1.20 inches below normal and the 63rd driest April since 1884. Episodes of showers and rain were pretty evenly distributed through the month, with no heavy rain or flooding problems near our region.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11

This has happened most of the time during the cold to warm phase shift since 1950 but not all of the time.

The reason for added cloudiness during April and May is because of several factors.

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