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´╗┐Company offers fair way for disabled golfers

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

"Some of these people can hit the ball 150 200 yards from a sitting position," said Clark. "It's amazing to see. We have people who are visually impaired out there playing. We have stroke victims, heart attack patients, amputees and people with autism and mild retardation finding out how much the game can be for them. They're getting hooked on it."

Making the program affordable for all is a paramount objective. The sessions are taught by PGA teaching pros at the respective golf courses, but Disabled Sports picks up the instructor fees. There is a $75 charge to participate in the full program, but Clark said that there are "scholarship" opportunities for those who can't handle that expense.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

the game that much.

The Far West division is armed with state of the art equipment for aspiring players with just about any disability, from specially fitted clubs to adaptive single rider carts that allow people who can't walk to play.

is coming to the East Bay in April and will continue throughout the spring and summer under the auspices of Disabled Sports USA Far West. It'll be open to players age 9 and up with physical, cognitive or development disabilities. Dept. of Education, the program debuted in Sacramento, Stockton and Reno last year and was such a rousing success it is expanding in 2009 to include Concord's Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial Diablo Creek Golf Course and Oakland's Metropolitan Links. Further expansion into San Jose and San Mateo is expected next year.

SEVERAL YEARS ago, I played golf on a semiregular basis with a guy whose right leg was amputated up to his hip. I hated playing with him, because he routinely shot in the high 70s and low 80s and genuinely delighted in kicking my tail.

college and golfed in the past and really wanted to get back into it," Clark said. "He not only came out but so did his mother, who eventually became a board member in our Stockton program. We have a lot of parents, mentors and student volunteers who have helped make this endeavor a success, and our goal is to set up a board at each site to help perpetuate the programs beyond the three year period of the grant."

"He had been really athletic beforehand, had played baseball in Omega Watches Price In India

"We don't want to turn anybody away," Clark said. "If someone can't afford it, we'll find out a way to get them in. The benefits are too great. I get calls all the time from people that participated in the program last year wanting to know when the next one is starting."

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Co Axial

Many who participated in last year's sessions are now playing on their own at various courses, often within groups of people that first met in the Disabled USA program. They not only are discovering a great recreational outlet but they're also forming friendships.

One of Clark's most remarkable participants in last year's sessions was a man who suffered a traumatic brain injury following a heart attack.

Disabled Sports USA is a leading national nonprofit organization that provides sports and recreation programs as a vehicle for developing positive self image and achieving attitudes among people with disabilities. With more than 90 chapters serving 60,000 persons nationwide, it is the largest of its kind on the country.

My humbling defeats aside, what this chap could do on one leg opened my eyes wide to the possibilities of a disabled person who had a true passion for the game. This man could bomb the ball 250 yards or more, straight as a string, and he was deadly with a putter, too. He played virtually every day it wasn't raining and sometimes when it was. He loved Omega Speedmaster Co-axial Chronograph

"The programs have been very, very successful so far," said Christopher Clark, who coordinates the program for Disabled Sports. "Last year we averaged about 24 participants per session, and I feel very strongly we will expand those numbers in Oakland and the East Bay."

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