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´╗┐climb stairs in memory of fallen Video

Buxton's climbing teammate and Nashua firefighter Patrick Nelson worked in a lower Manhattan firehouse until May 2001, where five men he knew were killed Sept. 11.

Sweating and panting, some stopping to catch their breath along the way, dozens of firefighters dressed in heavy helmets and bunker gear caught up with guys they knew from other departments, in Hudson, Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 Price Portsmouth, or Manchester, cheering on teammates as they went. Every floor with a neon orange number reminded the climbers of how many floors they had left to go.

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history, The Telegraph is publishing a seven day series under the label "9/11: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Black

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"This elevator will never be the same," members of Team 13 joked on one ride down.

The climb was the best way for him to honor everyone that was there, he said.

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Forty two teams participated in the climb, wearing lanyards marked with the names and faces of each firefighter killed. Most carried 40 pounds or more of fire fighting gear, as they marched up the Brady Sullivan building five and a half times to simulate what that brave 343 went through.

Buxton and his teammates passed 7 pound air tanks from one back to another as they made the five and a half laps to finish the 110 floors. Other teams carried heavy axes, fire hoses, and Halligan tools, which firefighters would have had with them on their rescue missions that day.

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"I went back and it was surreal," Nelson said. "Manhattan was cops on every corner. Navy patrol boats in the Hudson River. It's hard to really explain what it was like. It was very strange. I went to a lot of funerals in the following months. I knew the five guys I worked with, and then I knew guys from my academy class, from overtime shifts. There was lots of moving around so you end up meeting a lot of people, knowing a lot of people .. I attended as Omega Speedmaster Price

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When Team 13 finally made it to the top after a few short breaks, a couple bottles of water and roughly an hour's time they said they wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again.

many memorial services and funerals as I could."

But climbing 110 flights of stairs is no easy feat. Sen. Kelly Ayotte plus the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer, and a performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" by Manchester West students. Manchester firefighters rang a department bell to remember the lives lost when American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center towers 10 years ago.

MANCHESTER Trudging up 110 floors of the Brady Sullivan Tower in downtown Manchester on Sunday morning, it was hard not to imagine how first responders must have felt 10 years ago, as they braved dust and destruction to rescue people from the World Trade Center buildings, minutes before they came crashing down on Sept. 11.

But while the event allowed local firefighters to remember their brothers and sisters lost in 2001, they also came together in honor of the task they continue to face day after day.

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Though firefighters pass climbing tests as part of their job, many of them had never done 110 floors in 50 pounds of gear before, they said.

brought 287 stair climbers together some firefighters, some civilians at the state's first ever 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on Sunday in remembrance of those sacrifices.

"Even with the adrenaline of that day, as you can see, it's not like you're going to be able to sprint to the 80th floor," Nashua Fire Lt. Steve Buxton said, halfway through the climb. "We've been at it say a half hour, 45 minutes. If you do the timeline from when the planes hit, to when things started falling apart, a lot of them didn't even have that."

"The tallest building in Nashua is only eight stories!" one firefighter exclaimed on the hike up to the top.

Team 13, a group of firefighters from Nashua, scaled the 110 floors in a little over an hour's time a time frame, they realized, many first responders in New York did not have when the towers fell 10 years ago.

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Once they were done, each team exited the Brady Sullivan Building to an eruption of cheers an atmosphere far different than that faced by the 343 for whom they climbed.

Buxton's team of 13 Nashua firefighters had numerous personal connections to the firefighters who responded on Sept. 11.

A decade later." The print and online series will conclude with a special commemorative section on Sunday, Sept. 11.

"I just wanted to somehow participate in a fitting tribute," Nelson said. "To do something that they did that day under much better conditions here today than what they went through."

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"Immediately following, I thought what would've happened. Would I have been at work?" Nelson said.

"Sweat it out, brother!" "Dig deep!" "Come on, man!" echoed up and down the staircases over the 110 floor climb, along with the stomping sounds of heavy rubber boots.

Buxton was doing the Manchester climb for his colleague, Nashua firefighter Anthony DeRubbio, and in honor of DeRubbio's brother, David DeRubbio (Engine Co. 226), a FDNY firefighter lost that day.

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343 firefighters sacrificed their lives that day, climbing dozens of stories to save others from the crumbling buildings. Their show of heroism Omega Watches Pictures

Wearing lanyards honoring Angel Juarbe (Ladder 12) and Orio Palmer (Battalion Chief of Battalion 7), Nelson said it was difficult not to consider what could have happened if he had not changed locations four months prior to that tragic day.

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Climbers also shared the names of each of the 343 fallen New York firefighters, along with a ring of the fire bell, before taking to the stairs.

After each trip up, firefighters squished into elevators to get a 10 second break traveling back to the bottom, before sweating out another trip to the top.

"The third or fourth trip up was the hardest," Nashua firefighter Michael Kass said. "If it wasn't for these guys that carried me through, I couldn't have done it just about 44 it got really hard."

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