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"They say that a picture paints a thousand words. Well, here we will have video that offers the viewer bite sized chunks of video in an infomercial that can answer all their questions," he said. "It shows a lot of promise."

"Im looking at (print) ads all the time, trying to find out if there is Omega Constellation Men

Omega Blue Speedmaster

Omega Blue Speedmaster

Greg Spafford, president of First Base Marketing, which represents clients with regional and national presence, said he is cautiously enthusiastic about the new technology and its link to Omega Blue Speedmaster newspapers.

Lorin Yakiwchuk, the firms vice president of marketing and finance termed the process as "print in motion."

"When you see an ad in the paper, say for potatoes at a grocery store, the ad will have an internet address readers can call up on their computer and see more about, perhaps, how the potatoes are grown," Yakiwchuk explained. "It will be a more engaging and entertaining way to showcase a product."

Omega Blue Speedmaster

For the first time in North America, advertisers using the new service will feature a small video camera icon and adjacent Internet address in their newsprint ad that readers can type into their computers to call up a video clip that focuses on aspects of the business.

Omega Blue Speedmaster

Omega Blue Speedmaster

to customers as a real plus other forms of advertising cannot match.

Omega Blue Speedmaster

Another, more specialized business is also keen on the video addition to print advertising. Euroline Windows in Delta, which designs and manufactures doors and windows that can tilt and turn to allow better flow of air through a home or building, Omega Speedmaster Leather Band

´╗┐Converging realities

a web site where I can find out more information," she said.

Binkley said that alone is a bonus to see how effective the advertising has been, while Meade added the aspect of "user pay" is one he believes is currently popular and will creep into more areas of society.

"When you mention tilt and turn windows to most people they will tell you they have never heard of them. So, if you can show them how they are manufactured and what they can do it is much more interesting. And through a demonstration (on video) it gives them an understanding."

Omega Blue Speedmaster

"This will bring customers closer to us. Plus, I look at this as a distinct business advantage that my competition may not have to offer their customers right away. And I think it will give us a real edge."

"Flat pictures in a print ad alone cant give a customer the feeling of complete perception about a product or service," he said, adding the ability to offer a video portion to a newspaper ad is a complimentary and simple option users will be quick to catch on.

A revolutionary convergence of newspapers and an internet based, video streaming service came to readers of the Richmond (BC) Review in the Sept. 25, 2003, edition.

"The different types of media all have their strengths. Radio gives an advertiser personality," explained Godfrey Mead whose firm handles the advertising account for Euroline Windows. "Print gives the customer something they can clip out and take in their hand to a business. And TV provides the chance to show how something is done. And this combination of print and TV is definitely a win win situation."

The only real obligation rests on the advertiser who pays for the print ad, video production, and then is charged a small fee each time the clip is viewed. One of the useful byproducts of that "user pay" system is that the advertiser is provided with a record of how many times the clip has been shown, and where the requests came from.

The Euroline clip will follow the window manufacturing process from start to finish and then feature the firms extensive showroom area where the products can be demonstrated.

The move towards a successful marriage of "old world" print, and "new world" internet is a union Yakiwchuk said he somewhat anticipated before he left as a senior manager in the advertising department of Pacific Press, then publishers of Vancouvers two daily newspapers.

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More than just a way of simply providing more information to potential clients, Yakiwchuk said the internet video also brings those calling up the "virtual visit" video an important step closer to becoming a purchaser, without any obligation.

Omega Blue Speedmaster

"When I was there (Pacific Press) I knew virtually nothing about computers, but I knew there was going to be a big change in newspapers."

Mead explained the print ads, which are traditionally available to a wide audience, will drive those interested customers to the internet, which has a narrower focus and audience. And when they arrive there, the video clip presents a chance to show increased detail about a product that even slick brochures cant.

Omega Blue Speedmaster

sees the opportunity to display video Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Orange

Binkley said the two minute clip for the dealership has already been shot and will focus on the business in general at first, rather than be product specific. Later video clips will roll out details on various car, van, and truck models.

One of the businesses getting on board with the new technology is Richmond Plymouth Chrysler. General manager Kristen Binkley said she is a heavy internet user herself doing business research and immediately saw the potential benefits to the dealership.

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