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"My teachers let me turn in totally ridiculous projects and still gave me good marks. If they didn't have such a great sense of Omega Seamaster With Diamonds

how all the characters Omega Seamaster 30 Military

It's something they take very seriously. The show airs Tuesdays on CBC TV.

For Brander, the lessons of laughter started early.

This classroom Omega Seamaster Black Vintage experiences with Ms. Bovaird and Mr. Holton, as well the stash of old joke books that her grandfather, George Brander, kept in basement fueled her funny fire.

"The ideas are pitched at a meeting Tuesday morning and we have until Wednesday at noon to write four to six sketches," says Brander who enjoys the adrenalin filled creative process.

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

"I pore over the Internet to see what's in the news. Usually if my friends see an interesting news story they'll forward it to me," says Brander, a newcomer who is adding her voice to the show this season. government investing $140,000 in bingo, she and Allison quickly transformed it into a sidesplitting sketch, the inside scoop on the Island government's controversial bingo enhancement program, which led to lots of laughter.

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

"I love those sketches because they come from a loving place, poking fun of small town news . I (especially) like Omega Constellation Mother Of Pearl

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

"I have no idea what sketches of mine will be on in the future, but I can guarantee that any (pun filled) desk joke that is punctuated by slide whistle is usually mine," says Brander with a laugh.

"He had everything 101 Dog Jokes, 101 Monster Jokes, 101 Elephant Jokes. These (were filled with) really great, cheesy jokes like, 'what do sea monsters eat? fish and ships.'

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

have looked at (the) least bad mark on my report card and

"That was the greatest gift she could have ever given me. Other times ideas come from real life. I had a terrible Air Canada experience over Christmas, so I wrote a sketch about it that made it on the show. It was pretty cool revenge.

"I was a class clown in high school, but a mean one. I got a lot of laughs at other people's expense, which I thought was cool at the time. I'd like to think I've grown since then but there's still a bit of that side of me that comes out now that I'm writing for a political comedy show," says the comedian who studied at Acadia and Mount Allison universities

´╗┐comedy connection

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

pursued a career in gym," says Brander, with a laugh.

"My friends were always on board to let me dress them up in wigs and film them acting out different scripts I had written," says the Charlottetown native, who took creative writing and visual communications among her classes at Colonel Gray High School.

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

humour, I probably would

"They have to be chosen from a table and read by the actors, with all the production team and crew in attendance. The funny ones move on to the next step.

Similarly, Allison's pursuit of laughter started at an early age.

are named Gallant. That's been a fun running gag to play with.

The next day the sketches are pored over by the creative team.

"The jokes I write now are just as cheesy, so my Grampie's collection has obviously influenced me," says Brander who went on to study television scripting, sketch writing and film at George Brown College, The Second City and Queens University, respectively.

"I've learned that if you get too picky about what you put down on paper then you'll never write anything down. It's easier to edit later than to self edit while you write. After the sketch is written, I'll usually have a glass of wine and punch everything up with more jokes," she says.

"We have an amazing team. Witness News segment with Albert Howell and Mark Critch, an appropriate project given that his mother is originally from the Island and he spent his summers at Sunset Campground. to film segments for an upcoming broadcast.

"We write all night long. I'll usually start by mapping out the structure of the sketch, figuring out where I want to go with it and then I'll just start writing whatever pops into my head.

"After that point the various departments hair/makeup, costumes, props, music, graphics all go to work putting together what we need for when the sketch is taped on Thursday or Friday or sometimes live on Monday night.

"In junior high, I was really shy and had no friends, so one day I handed in a funny story for my English assignment. The next day I was sick and stayed home.

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

In high school it became a natural way to fit in.

"But the day after that I came back to school and I had friends. The teacher had read my story to the class while I was absent, and people kept coming up to me all day to tell me they thought it was hilarious. So, basically, I chose a career in comedy because overwise I would have no friends," she says, with a laugh.

Omega Seamaster Black Vintage

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