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For his part, Saenz told the Valley Morning Star late Wednesday that he couldn't say much because Lucio's defense attorneys have subpoenaed him to testify in Lucio's trial.

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Ramos' testimony, which was elicited by Lucio's defense attorney Luis M. Avila, came during an unscheduled hearing Wednesday outside the presence of the jury, which had been released for the day due to equipment failure. Attorney Michael J. Wynne said after Ramos' time on the stand, including testimony that Ramos paid now 444th District Judge David Sanchez $1,000. Sanchez was the special prosecutor that Villalobos appointed to handle a request by Ramos to have a conviction expunged. Ramos testified that he paid Sanchez not to challenge his request, which was before ex 404th District Judge Abel Omega Seamaster 200 Omegamatic

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"Lucio profited," Wynne told the court. "It doesn't take long to connect that together," he added. "(Ramos) paid for a result and he got it," Wynne said.

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Ramos testified that he gave the cash to Saenz on the second floor of the Cameron County Courthouse by a justice of the peace office toward resolving the two cases involving theft of a vehicle and theft by deception.

Saenz, who took office as district attorney in January this year, did say, however, that Ramos, "is a Omega Seamaster Black scumbag liar and I wish I could tell him to his face."

Ramos, who is under federal custody on a drug trafficking conviction, serving a six year sentence, arrived shackled into the courtroom in an orange prison jumpsuit. His arms were released from restraint at Hanen's direction.

Ramos also testified that he paid Lucio $500 on a forfeiture related case.

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Ramos also testified that Villalobos knew that he, Ramos, was involved in drug trafficking. He also testified that Villalobos told him that they both could make extra money by referring cases to Lucio.

One of the cases was dismissed and a probationary sentence came on the other, testimony showed.

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"He really didn't say anything," Ramos said of Saenz. "He just smiled at me," Ramos added.

´╗┐Convict says he bribed then

Ramos testified that he had helped Villalobos in his campaign for district attorney, at his law office too, and that Omega Seamaster New Model

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C. Limas.

Villalobos subsequently employed him at the DA's Office. "He created a position for me," Ramos said, adding that to this date, "I don't know what it was."

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contending that it shows motive, opportunity, intent, plan and absence of mistake, furthering the alleged conspiracy involving Villalobos, Lucio and Limas.

Ramos also testified that he made two payments to Villalobos of $1,500 and $2,000.

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Federal prosecutors had previously disclosed the alleged payment from Ramos to Sanchez, who did not respond to requests for comment at the time. Attorney Gregory J. Surovic are requesting that Ramos' testimony be admitted, Omega Speedmaster

Ramos said he contacted officials because everybody else was getting arrested and he wanted to let them know what he had done, "since I already was doing my time."

Government witness Carlos Justino Ramos said Villalobos had appointed Saenz as special prosecutor on two criminal cases that Ramos had in state district courts several years ago. Lucio was Ramos' attorney on the cases.

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