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Trustees deliberated the termination during a closed door hearing and deferred to the administration's claim that Franco allowed an 18 year old female student trainer and 17 year old baseball player to engage in sexual activity in the seat directly Omega Seamaster James Bond Blue behind him.

"We're disappointed, but we'll continue to fight," Franco's wife, Sabrina, said after the vote.

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However, "it's not about the sexual innuendo," he said. "It seems to be a failure of the responsibility these adults were given. Parents are unforgiving when it's something like this."

times and then pointed toward the back not to indicate any sexual activity but to show the students, in general, were boisterous.

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He hoped to present that evidence during a public hearing over Rubio's appeal of the proposed non renewal of his teaching contract. But the board delayed it until next week after a lawyer for one student demanded a closed door hearing to safeguard student privacy.

But the school board affirmed his termination after the district claimed Franco and head coach Sergio Rubio willfully ignored two students engaged in sexual activity on a bus ride from a baseball game in March.

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Shergold reportedly obtained documents showing the athletic director heard of Rubio's concerns on March 1, four days before the alleged incident.

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"My client had raised concerns of allowing female students onto the bus," he said, "but he wasn't listened to by school district administration."

attorney, John Shergold.

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But he noted a player used his phone to take a picture of the students under a blanket they shared.

The grievance Connors filed also states his client attempted to get Rubio's attention by kicking his leg several Omega Constellation Vintage Black

"The video, which we've had an opportunity to view, is not conclusive. If you look at it in certain frames it could be a suggestion, but it doesn't show (sexual activity). It's not clear cut."

Board President Joseph Campos said he "didn't see anything" explicit on the video.

The assistant coach "realized one of his dreams when he started working" for the district and had been working toward his bachelor's degree to become a certified teacher, according to his grievance filings.

While Campos suggested Franco deserved to be fired for breaking district policy which would have required the female to sit alone or next to a chaperone Rubio had already warned administrators about the problem, according to his Omega Watch Leather

Both men deny the allegations.

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"What Omega Speedmaster 57 Broad Arrow

would get another student from the back of the bus to come and lift the blanket to take a picture?" Campos asked. "You have to wonder."

´╗┐Coach firing upheld after alleged teen sex on school bus

But a polygraph test and statement from individuals on the bus including the two accused students, every other player and the bus driver contradict the district line, said Franco's attorney, Tony Connors.

"The public has a right to know how the district operates, how board members make their decisions," Shergold said. "Firing school personnel has a big impact on students."

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"It's disputed whether there was sexual activity between the students," he said. "All the human beings that were on the busall said it didn't happen.

EDCOUCH George Franco watched his young daughter and son run around the Edcouch Elsa schools central office after trustees voted unanimously to end his 11 year career with the district Wednesday.

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