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A wide variety of advocacy groups, from the National Education Association to the National Taxpayers Union, have urged Congress to rethink this rule. The public response has been so overwhelming more than 11,000 comments have been submitted.

For months, we have been hearing about possible signs of life in the American economy. Ever so slowly, employment is picking up, companies are becoming more profitable and consumers are starting to spend money again.

While this is good news, we all need to be vigilant to avoid any back sliding as we try to get our economy moving again. Unfortunately, some new regulations have the potential to disrupt the fragile state of the economy and negatively affect nearly every community bank customer or credit union member, like mine at Bellwether Credit Union in Manchester.

But increased sales were apparently not enough for merchants. House did not even vote on it. If hearings had been held, Congress would have learned the unintended effects of this regulation.

number of retailers that now accept plastic.

Most consumers are not aware of these "interchange" fees because they are one of the many costs retailers have when they do business. But these fees pay for the massive technological infrastructure needed to process millions of financial transactions for merchants every day.

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has worked almost flawlessly, as evidenced by the Omega Seamaster 8900

The top 2 percent of retailers would receive 80 percent of the $15 billion windfall, and credit union members and community bank customers would be left to pay for it through higher fees or reduced benefits.

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Our hope is that Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen agree that consumers should be considered before imposing this regulation and that they will stand by New Hampshire families, credit unions and community banks and support the delay to study of this issue.

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As most people know, Congress passed a major financial reform law last year. Known as "Dodd Frank," it touched almost every part of the financial world and made some needed improvements.

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Based on its interpretation of the law, the Federal Reserve fixed Omega Speedmaster Racing Blue the price of interchange fees about 70 80 percent below the market rate. If the rule goes into effect, it will be a massive transfer into the bottom lines of the nation's largest retailers.

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They provide for cybersecurity, fraud protection and the system itself. Until now, that system Omega Speedmaster 3573.50

´╗┐Congress should delay credit card swipe fee rule

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One that is particularly ill considered requires the Federal Reserve System to set prices on the fees retailers pay to accept debit cards.

Unfortunately, it also included a few provisions that were quietly inserted at the behest of lobbyists. Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3539.50

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Now is not the time to raise costs on consumers or interfere with their choice of payment methods. Debit cards are the preferred method of payment for more that onethird of all purchases made in the United States, and that portion continues to rise.

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