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By late 2011 he had endured all he could endure.

By "apocalyptic" he intended a kind of religious metaphor.

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´╗┐COMMENTARY After the apocalyse

President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have declared simply and plainly that keeping government open is not Omega Seamaster Master Chronometer

His name is Mike Lofgren. For 28 years he worked as a Republican staffer on Capitol Hill, the last 16 as a budget analyst for the House and Senate.

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The news media is complicit, Logren wrote, because of a practice that The Guardian has called American journalism's addiction to "both side ism," meaning a faux attention to supposed Omega Speedmaster Red Second Hand fairness by trying to balance reporting.

Every time people blame only "Congress" for "this mess," they are, by their broad generic brush, falling into the Republicans' trap.

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The wild card in the current affair is that Democrats suddenly have begun to appear less cowardly.

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other than House Republican zeal reveals a prescience in Lofgren's article, which he parlayed into a recent book, The Party is Over.

That, Lofgren wrote, leads people to blame both parties equally in times such as these rather than to distinguish and confront the real fact which, in this instance, is that Republicans are singularly to blame for acting illogically with cynical obstruction.

This stunt that House Republicans have pulled shutting down government because they don't like the health care reform law that will not be affected by the shutdown puts me in mind of one of their recent former staff aides.

After I wrote a laudatory column in September 2011 about the article, while calling it "perhaps a tad overwrought in a sentence or two," Lofgren sent me a note saying he'd actually restrained himself because things really were worse than I could imagine.

They also lost the combined popular vote for the House, though they held their majority thanks to redistricting that gave them consolidated choirs to which to preach their apocalyptic sermons.

The problem at hand isn't Congress, but the House Republican subset. The "mess" at hand isn't vague and pervasive, but narrow and specific to that House Republican subset.

A government dictate that everyone must buy health insurance why, that's practically the unpardonable sin, they believe. It burdens the private sector and presumes that a moral imperative can be mandated, and a virtuous act performed, by government.

a matter of negotiation, and that neither is the debt ceiling by which the government pays its bills.

In that article, Lofgren deplored that his party of Eisenhower and pragmatic conservatism had become an "apocalyptic cult" wanting either to tear down the government to take it over, or take over the government to tear it down.

It's one thing to want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. A bill could be filed to accomplish that and it could be argued vigorously. Then a vote could be taken.

There was another equally profound theme of his article. It was that this new and destructively apocalyptic House Republican politics gets enabled by Democrats, the media and the people.

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But to refuse to fund the government because you don't like that act, and to deploy a bully's tactic that inflicts broad collateral harm without touching that thing you don't like because, as it happens, the Affordable Care Act is not affected by this cessation of newly discretionary funding well, all of that is the handiwork of extremist defenders against the apocalypse.

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Indeed, they lost the presidency. Indeed, they lost the Senate.

Their political theology, he said, worships private business and/or religion, owing to a convenient and cynical political merger of board room and pulpit, and sees government as the vile enemy of both.

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This new shutdown of the government for no reason Omega Constellation Gold Watch

The people are Omega Seamasters

Apocalyptic religion is a fundamentalist one holding that we're all headed for a dire fate if we don't believe and behave as the fundamentalist religion dictates. House, with the Tea Party revolt in 2010 are like that in their politics, Lofgren wrote.

complicit, he wrote, because elections are dominated by "low information voters" who often express their disdain for government by voting for the party most disdainful of government. That means Republicans, even as Republicans were the ones primarily responsible for making government deserving of disdain.

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