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Coverups and Omega Watch Straps

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I wish HE had been impeached. How did Iran Contra make him president?"During the Clinton presidential administration (1993 2001), there were accusations (most notably in the controversial film "Clinton Chronicles" that Clinton, during his time as governor of Arkansas, and other high ranking state officials were involved in some way with alleged illegal cocaine importation, money laundering, and drug use centered upon the airport in Mena. House of Representatives."There a little more to it.

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secrecy are pretty routine by now. He was like a shadow govrnment.

When a President believes he can selectively enforce law and that ignoring and violating the Constitution to achieve his ideological goals is acceptable we have a problem. The problem is not with the Congress (which is doing exactly what it is supposed to) it is with the "leader" that promises to do things and make changes to laws without legislative process.

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You said "without precedent in the entire history of the nation."

"George W. That is not what presidents do. It is what dictaors do.

Most of the "scandals" you mention have nothing to do with the Constitution and they certainly have lots of precedents.

Mr. Obama and company have been adept at making things up as they go along since the beginning and they are becoming more bold with each passing day. This administrations distain for the rule of law and the constitution itself is without precedent in the entire history of the nation.

with his oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and demonstrates a complete disregard for his sworn duties. He cannot be trusted to abide by the rule of law and has demonstrated his distain and disregard of it. His atty general has already been impeached by the House. It is time to impeach Obama, too. Bush use of "signing statements"?

´╗┐COLUMNISTS Can he write his own laws

That puts Obama at odds Omega Seamaster Orange Dial

Omega Speedmaster Black Alligator

legal legislative process).

That seems pretty clear.

The separation of powers is designed to prevent exactly what Obama wants to do. It is designed to prevent a dictator or "King" from subjugating any person, even a single one. Obama would subjugate the entire American people to his own ideas of hope and change in spite of any legislative process (That he won wait for Congress is no excuse regardless of how deadlocked it is. Deadlock is an important part of the Omega Constellation Pie Pan Dial

Because that is a direct violation of his oath of office Obama should be impeached.

I could probably think of several more but I finally getting sleepy. Just for the record I never said others didn Omega Speedmaster Black Alligator do the same kinds of things in the past. Obama was the subject of this one and compared to the others he prolific, if not routine about it. He demonstrtates great disrespect of and distain for the rule of law and our Constitution.

Omega Speedmaster Black Alligator

Omega Speedmaster Black Alligator

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