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That's why this film is disappointing. It sincerely pisses me off when a film does so many things just right and then makes a complete blunder of something else.

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And the combat. God, the combat. Gladiator sped it up slightly, 300 slowed it down heavily. This was a very very good thing. Every blow, every dodge and parry, the way Omega Watches Prices In Sri Lanka

Who cares if the story wasn't terribly exciting? Who cares if we knew the ending Omega Watches Prices going into the movie? What does it matter if characters sometimes said silly things ("THIS! IS! SPARTAAA!" kick)? I give it 9/10 because it was just SO fun to watch.

two characters would fight alongside each other as a single unit. simply amazing to watch, and slow enough that you could appreciate every fluid motion.

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Omega Watches Prices

expectations. When you've seen so many films, and so many great films from the last 100 years you grow to know what a movie can very well be.

If it wasnt for the freed slaves of Sparta then the Persians would have marched freely across Europe and the world would have been a very different place. The Roman Empire was still in its infancy. If the Persians would have succeeded then the Modern world as we know it would never have come to be.

Yeah, I agree this was basically a perfect movie within the boundaries of what it was trying to do. It was like getting jabbed in the eyeball with 200ml of testosterone.

´╗┐Come and Take Them

Heavily recommended if you want to be wowed. Not heavily recommended if you're a stuck up, out of touch movie critic who wants strong character development and a multitude of plot twists and overly romantic scenes.

Most of the reviews I've read from critics are literally ridiculous, just rampant prissy pomposity. I used to check reviews before I saw a movie never again, those guys are simpering little twits almost to a one.

your secret. Mine says that she doesn't want to go for a movie where she knows that everyone dies. :?

All in all I liked the movie, and given the paucity of support hollywood has for heroism (at least classical heroism), this fit the bill nicely. My only real criticism is that the I believe the actual event and people were inevitably more interesting (Heroditus notes that Xerxes men were actually very brave, although hopelessly outmatched). Mine says that she doesn't want to go for a movie where she knows that everyone dies. :?

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Netsez, I passed on your critique, and I can't say that an anonymous internet attack scarred her terribly, but she did not say, "whatever."

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Omega Watches Prices

Omega Watches Prices

On the critics thing, I agree most of them are just little dweebs who were into drama in high school. They can't just sit in a movie and turn off their brains and let a movie sweep over them.

The reason critics didn't like this movie is because when you have been reviewing films for some time, you develop certain Omega Seamaster With Nato Strap

Truly a wonderful break from all the horrible reviews I read of it. I despise movie critics these days, they expect a good movie to be perfect for every reason, and can't appreciate one that just takes a few really cool things and runs with them.

300 was amazing. The battles were glorious. The contrast and colors were quite stunning and impressively done, and the music during battles was such a fresh break from Enya and such during Gladiator.

I didn't know that it was based on a comic book. Good that you cleared it up for me for even though I was going to see it I was all WTF when I saw the mutants and immortals in the trailers. Also the fact that there were 1400 troops there not 300. Now that that is cleared I should be able to enjoy this film more. Too bad I'll have to wait till the 22nd of March

It's a repeat of Pirates of the Caribbean. The critics hated it, the movie goers loved it.

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I don't like the choices Zack Snyder made in this movie. Nothing was left to the imagination or to speculation. Whether or not you were familiar with the graphic novel, it was painfully obvious how everything was going to turn out.

Actually, there were probably about 5,000 Greeks at Thermopylae, mostly Tegeans.

One question though how did you manage to convince the wife to go along with you? Please reveal Omega Constellation Co-axial Chronometer

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This was my experience with 300, the visuals were impeccable, from cinematography to costume design, it all flowed brilliantly. The fights were choreographed quite well, and the variation of the speed in the battles provided great emphasis. This is where everything fell apart. The acting varied from adequate to barely passable, the dialogue was awful, save a few choice lines. It seemed to draw on lingual conventions spanning a millennium, where characters would slip into dialogue that was far too recent.

Leonidas would never stand down, would eventually be overtaken. Gorgo would end up shacking up with Theron. Astinos would die early.

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My wife is cut from a rare cloth. She loves action movies and videogames, so she was interested from the get go. If she reads this I'm sure she will turn away from the screen, flip her hair, and say "whatever."

Even while not being historically accurate it does do an excellent job in honoring the magnitude of the battle and the sacrifice the Spartans made for the entirety of Greece at that time.

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