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"It's hard because we don't have family here," the older brother said, adding that the violence in Mexico keeps them from returning. citizenship.

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"There was a lot of fear with the upcoming election about whether or not this was a program that was going to continue," Kolmar said. "Once Obama was re elected, we've seen a surge again."

"I want to be a plastic surgeon," he said. "They get a lot of money, that's what I like," he said while laughing.

"There are a lot of individuals who didn't even get past the second checkpoint out of the Valley and so it is really difficult to gauge how many people would be DACA eligible," Kolmar said. "It's much easier to blend into the population here and so often times, people who've crossed the border without papers have just decided to make the Valley their home."

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For a nervous looking 22 year old the news is a bit more hopeful.

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To qualify for DACA, a person needs to be less than 31 years old and have completed school or be currently enrolled, she said. before the age of 16 and resided in the country since June 2007; participants also need to have a clean crime record, Kolmar said during the presentation.

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"The main concern for this population is these are young people who have spent their whole life in the shadows and this is going to be their first time basically coming out undocumented and being upfront about their documentation status and that's something that's very scary for people," Kolmar said.

´╗┐Clinic helps undocumented residents with immigration paperwork

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Estimates show there are almost 1.7 million people who qualify for DACA in the country, according to Stephanie Kolmar, one of the volunteer attorneys at the information clinic.

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"People were saying if kids filled out the application, it was a way to round them all up for deportation," said one concerned parent. Immigration and Customs Enforcement unless they commit fraud on their application or cause security issues for the country.

The elder of the two, an 18 year old, clad in an Aeropostale shirt and high top Converse sneakers, is close to graduation at the charter school and would like to go to college.

The clinic was hosted by the Texas Civil Rights Project and the Pro Bono Program at the University of Texas School of Law and was free for those in attendance.

Texas is only second to California in the number of eligible applicants, said Kolmar, who is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

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People have also been hesitant to apply for other reasons, Kolmar said.

Because of the recent presidential campaigns, the number of DACA applicants in Austin decreased because of the uncertainty about whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama would occupy the White House, Kolmar said.

Another reason the application process brings uneasiness is because parents might be undocumented, too, but the application does not ask for any parental information, she said.

The two brothers, originally from Reynosa, came to Brownsville on a vacation visa two years ago and chose to stay permanently.

One of the brothers, a timid 17 year old student from IDEA Frontier, said he went to the presentation after the urging from teachers at the school.

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"I want to be an engineer," the elder brother said. "I don't know if I can have the opportunity without citizenship."

The high school graduate from James Pace High School was brought to America when she was five. She's been on her own since she turned 18, when her parents were deported to Mexico.

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they Omega Seamaster Midsize Vs Full Size needed to be in the country since 2007, they knew their chances of gaining acceptance in the program was low. But, they still talked to lawyers about their options during the session.

The younger brother wants to study medicine.

"I know that with this I will be able to work legally and finish school," she said. "If I go to school, it will open more doors."

TSC, she couldn't afford higher education, she said.

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legal status to give her 3 year old baby, who is a citizen, a better future.

Since the Valley is next to Mexico, it is difficult to determine the number of people that can qualify because of the ease of crossing the Rio Grande between the two nations. Undocumented people in other states do not go back to their countries as often as some might here because it's more difficult to travel, Kolmar said.

Both brothers enjoy studying and between the two of them, they're taking more than five Advanced Placement courses this school year.

Some of the concern voiced by those present at the meeting paralleled what Kolmar said.

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