Omega Black Planet Ocean

Omega Black Planet Ocean

This way you only have 1 network and 1 DHCP service. In general consumer routers have less abilities to program specific functions, Omega Seamaster Vintage Bracelet

please advice me on how to get this started and if even possible.

One of the routers needs to have the DHCP service on, the other has to have it off. This is crucial, if both routers have DHCP on the network is going to malfunction.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

This way your wireless appliances will choose the best signal and switch between access points depending on where you are.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

I want both routers to work as one network. Was thinking to bridge them wired/wi fi and have the billion router do DHSP control while the second router becomes just a switch. please advise if this can be done.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

Omega Black Planet Ocean

range of the other channel(s) in use to keep distortion to a minimum (for the 2.4 Ghz band use 1, 6 and/or 11). These do not overlap.

I have a mixed networking problem. I am trying to make a small office network at my home office and need to match old and new equipment that I already own.

I want to ask that you make only one assumption and that is that my knowledge is very little. feel free to give very plain and noob friendly answers.

The internet modem needs to be on a WAN port.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

Omega Black Planet Ocean

You can connect both wireless access points trough the switch ports to eachother.

all PC's will be wired.

1) Use the same SSID, security measures and password on both access points

OS on laptops/PC's are Omega Black Planet Ocean mixed win 7, win 8,and winXP/XP Omega Seamaster 300m Leather Strap

One hint, when having both access points in range of eachother make sure to:

´╗┐connecting 2 routers on one LAN

i want to connect all laptops wi fi to network.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

If the server is online all the time you could let the server handle the DHCP service, then you disable this on both routers. This way reserving IP addresses might work better.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

my equipment


Omega Black Planet Ocean

2) Use a different channel on each device well out of Omega Watch Collection

but you might be able to reserve IP to MAC addresses in the router DHCP service. This way, each time a system logs on it will receive the same IP. This might be easier then reprogramming the computers each with a static IP. But manually programming the computers will work too. The consumer router IP address reservation might work very badly and thus you might need to program it on the computers. For example, the router at my parents house offers functionality but keeps forgetting all reserved IP's constantly.

thank you in advance for any advice.

Omega Black Planet Ocean

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