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Omega Speedmaster Womens

condition after shootingUpdated: 17 hour Redlands Police standoff ends in suicideSan Bernardino police investigate 32nd homicide of the yearSan Bernardino Police Officer Gabriel Garcia condition unchangedSan Bernardino officials begin housing crackdown with surprise inspections

Omega Speedmaster Womens

Over the past four years, our economy has been growing and businesses have been creating jobs. The private sector has seen 42 straight months of job growth. citizens, finding a job or starting a business and raising a family.

are more opportunities to find and cut unnecessary spending in the government, this year alone through Sequestration we have seen the largest federal cuts that have impacted children, seniors and disabled veterans. A new budget must develop a long term solution to the problem of Sequestration that has negatively impacted the nation most vulnerable.

Millions of Americans wake up in the morning; turn on the news to check the traffic report for their daily commute. They drive often a long commute to and from work. They pay taxes and balance their home budgets. That is what millions of Americans do every single day; they get the job done.

shrinks long term deficits. While there Omega Seamaster 1950

Hours after signing a bipartisan agreement to end the government shutdown, President Obama delivered a speech asking Congress to end partisan politics and do what is best for the American people. I could not agree more with this request.

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As laid out by the president, we must re engage our efforts to fix the issues facing our nation and continue to grow the economy. To do so, there are three specific things we in Congress can accomplish:

Omega Speedmaster Womens

I ask my colleagues in Congress: Let us get back to work to get the job done for the people of this nation.

Earlier this week, my congressional colleagues and I Democrats and Republicans put politics aside to vote for bipartisan legislation that ended the first government shutdown in more than 17 years. As a result, the first default in more than 200 years did not happen.

Omega Speedmaster Womens

Omega Speedmaster Womens

First, we must pursue a balanced approach to a responsible budget, a budget that grows our economy faster and Omega Watches Girls

Congresswoman Gloria Negrete McLeod, D Montclair, represents the 35th District.

Omega Speedmaster Womens

Omega Speedmaster Womens

Although the agreement is not a long term solution to the budget problems, it does reopen the government, puts hundreds of thousands of federal employees back to work, provides funding for critical and essential programs, and pays America bills all Omega Speedmaster Womens without defunding or delaying the Affordable Care Act thereby providing lawmakers the opportunity to reach an agreement on a long term budget solution.

Third, we must pass a farm bill, a bill that American farmers can rely on and one that protects vulnerable children and adults in times of need. I was recently named a House conferee that will be tasked with reconciling the differences between the House and Senate farm bills. I am hopeful we can work in a bipartisan, bicameral and reasonable fashion to create an agriculture policy that is good for both American farmers and the nation hungry.

San Bernardino Police Department waits for word on gravely wounded officerSan Bernardino has outpouring of concern, support for wounded Officer Gabriel Garcia San Bernardino neighborhood shocked by shooting of officerLive Blog: San Bernardino Officer in critical Omega Speedmaster Red Strap

Omega Speedmaster Womens

Omega Speedmaster Womens

While every policy is not perfect, we must debate all differences through the normal democratic process and never hold the government hostage as a means to changing or defunding any law. This creates cynicism and mistrust in government.

Our system of self government cannot function without trust. Now that the government is reopened, and the threat to our economy is removed, everyone has to cease the focus on political gamesmanship and focus on what the majority of Americans elected its legislators to do: continue to create jobs to help expand the middle class; lay the foundation for broad based prosperity through education; and pass a budget that will get the nation fiscal house in order.

By Gloria Negrete McLeod

Second, we must fix our broken immigration system. A broad coalition of American business leaders, faith leaders and law enforcement officials has already united to support immigration legislation. The Senate passed a bill earlier this year with strong bipartisan support that would make a large commitment to border security while modernizing our legal immigration system. Economists estimate that if the immigration bill became law, our economy would be 5 percent larger two decades from now equating to $1.4 trillion in new economic growth.

´╗┐Congress must get back to real work

Today, when our economic recovery demands more job growth, more momentum for small business start ups, we had yet another self inflicted congressional crisis through a government shutdown and the threat of default that has set our economy back.

Some members who pushed for the shutdown said they were doing it to save the American economy but nothing has done more to undermine our economy than the political gridlock that has plagued Congress in the recent years.

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