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I have been recommending PC's since the dawn of time. Only recently, after some inspiration from a dedicated Mac fan boy and a ton of research, I am leaning towards recommending Mac. My next laptop may even be a Mac.

There is also much more support for OSX (if you live near an apple store). I was having some problems in Tokyo and it was simple to have the headphone jack (what apple calls the i/o card) switched out.

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Omega Speedmaster Ebay

I don't think the moral argument has any traction. Apple engages in all kinds of anticompetitive behavior (think about all the patent suits going on right now)

have a problem Apple can't/won't fix).

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3) Cheap, she already knows how to use them, more choices on hardware and software (just make sure to remove the crap ware or get the slightly more expensive crapware free one), can run the applications schools and businesses expect the modern employee to run, and a broader user base to relate to.

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or as his bills say MR MR . T.

1) No justification, they just got over core 2 a few months ago.

In the PC world you have choice, but you need to know what you are choosing.

2) Why do you think it would be worth it to her? Is the more intuitive interface worth throwing out all the PC skills she has already accumulated? Is it going to help her do anything, anything at all, faster better or more efficiently? Is that gain worth the initial investment of time and money to get and learn how to use a Mac (not to mention a whole new set of programs)? I just want to say it was hard to refrain from being mean on this whole point . The only reason I consider a Mac (though I'll probably go hackintosh), and it's a big reason, is because you need OSX to develop iOS apps. If she doesn't want to be an iOS developer I just don't see it.

2) If she has an android phone her made a choice all ready. If she has and Iphone and only use's here computer for facebook twitter and email and a photo dump then an Mac may suit her needs better.

OS X is probably the best OS currently available but the latest release still has issues that Apple doesn't appear to be willing/able to fix.

1) I think the Macbook Air is the best sales tool. It's what convinced me to give OSX a try. Thinkpad) are about the same price. Additionally, almost all PC vendors copy the Omega Speedmaster Dark

In the Apple World, Apple control everything, this can be good (if you don't want/need choice) and can be bad (if you Omega Speedmaster Co-axial Blue

On top of all the PC to Mac comparisons, my argument also goes against Microsoft themselves. From all the antitrust lawsuits to their treatment of employees to numerous conspiracy theories, I have grown to despise Microsoft.

3) Counterpoint is gaming is better, software is cheaper, and there is more choice.

Omega Speedmaster Ebay

Omega Speedmaster Ebay

For Home use I still use Apple, but for Work I'm sticking with PC's.

I personally use Linux for all tasks other than PC games (which is because most of the games I play are not well done on WINE). For my girlfriend, she has seen Mac OS X, believes it to be way overpriced (which I proved otherwise), and not worth switching (which I have yet to prove).

2) There are a few programs that are better on OSX. I really like preview a lot more than any incarnation of adobe acrobat or foxit reader. Office is worse (in the way that iTunes is bad on Windows). I really like having access to a Unix command line.

1) Unless she really likes the interface or the hardware you can't. Don't try for moral grounds because Apple isn't any better than MS in this regard and in fact as far as Anti trust issues they are worse. Just look at the ridiculous lawsuits they have started and the walled garden they create. As for treatment of the employees MS has nothing on Apples supplier Foxcon. If you're going to aim for security, well as a Linux guy you should know better so I'm not going there.

If she has Virus problems then a mac may help but in about say. 10 months. I dont know if mac will be as virus free. they are popular its only a matter of time.

1) How can I justify the price of a Mac to buying a PC that's half the price?

3)Cost to power. The abilty to give here Linux on a PC and Windows. (you can to that with mac stuff but I have heard bad thing tho never owning a mac product Period and only using one 2 times (if you dont count playing with a touch screen to draw on Ipad using one and making call on a friends Iphone using a mac.) I can't say how it works.)

A pc can be fixed easierly. Rebuild with reltive easies and speed and can use Linux thats the big thing Linux. As in "Very First Name Mister, Second Name Period, Last Name T." Mr . T Omega Speedmaster Navy

Apple inovates others follow, but not all the innovations work (or are ready for real world use), when others follow it tends to be the innovations that do work and are more mature, Apple users can often end up paying (a premium price) to be beta testers.

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3) What counter points can be made in favor of Microsoft and PC's in general?

One other big plus for macbooks is the trackpad. I despise trackpads on most computers (besides the red pointer on Thinkpads), but Omega Speedmaster Ebay the trackpad on Macbooks is very good. Gestures make computing in the laptop form factor much easier.

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´╗┐Convince your girlfriend to abandon PC and get a Mac

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look of the macbook (unless it's a thinkpad) which I find annoying. Of course, if all you care about is performance (and are simply looking for a "good enough" exterior) then a PC will be half the price.

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However, the total amount of applications on OSX is limited and they tend to cost more ($15 dollars vs. Free).

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