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I would have gone with a better pump Omega Seamaster Co-axial Master Chronometer

They could easily partner with a 3rd party vendor to produce their heatsinks at low cost and still provide a better mounting solution. If you can install a CPU, you can install a simple backplate or threaded mounting solution.

Intel supplies the heat sink fan with the boxed CPUs as part of their warranty policy as the heat sinks are coded to each CPU and if you get involved in an RMA to them you have to send back the entire boxed package with the cooler to Intel.

/future self goes to RMA an Intel chip, yes the heatsink is in the box, oh and that square bit of metal is the IHs, thought you may want that back as wellOf course you can do that, but you need to take into consideration that a heater core is designed for the exact opposite of what you would be using it for, will it work in reverse of course it will, but how well is the question.

I did it for the cooling and the looks

´╗┐Closed Loop Coolers

and a bay res on my AMD build, same for my intel one, which has most of its parts donated from the said AMD build, as the bay reservoirs are a little easier to manage than a tubular one, but hey who doesn't like having a 250mm tank of liquid in their PC?

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

I wanted to cool a AMD Phenom 2, it started there where I did a WC loop mainly with EK and swiftech parts, my first loops goals were to have all the cool tubing visable from the side window and to have a big tube reservoir inside, so Omega Seamaster 007 Watch

Last but not least is, what is the radiator actually made of interior wise, and will there be any reactive metal bad side effects from the radiator material, with the rest of the metals in the loop, aluminum and copper don't play well together, most water blocks are copper and a lot of heater cores are aluminum.

I know of someone that discovered this the hard way after he needed to RMA his Intel CPU but had given away the original heat sink to one of his friends!

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Intel push pin heat sink mounting solution is idiot proof, that is why they use it, there's 99% of the time no mounting problem the first time, it's pulling it and remounting it when the problems usually arise.

It's a policy Intel has had in operation for a long time.

I still suggest everyone keep their Intel boxed cooler just in case

To use the same core to water cool is not going to be as efficient, that's why from the early days of water cooling, radiator research has discovered the max cooling transfer was not to follow that same design.

Intel warrants to the purchaser of the product (defined herein as the boxed Intel processor and the accompanying thermal solution), in it's original sealed packaging, ("Original Purchaser") etc.

If Intel sees the original TIM on the base of the cooler proving it was never used your warranty is automatically void, it's a perfectly legal loop hole (Covered in Writing), crappy business practices yes!, but it is in writing and in your possession, hopefully you kept your your box after you ran your cooler!

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

not that i'm in a position to be upgrading anytime soon, even when Pd comes out it would have to be awesome to persuade the money from my wallet hehe

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

1) What inspired you to go with watercooling?

Todays water cooling radiators are not running round tubing through the cooling fins they're running flat tubing some even dimpled to increase turbulence through the radiator, for better heat transfer from the water, to tubing, to cooling fins, so you would need to make sure the heater core you choose is running flat water tubes.

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

Intel doesn't expect you to pull the heat sink after it's mounted, from their point of view Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Blue Dial

A heater core is designed for high flow rate and pressure utilizing a constant flow of hot water transferring heat to the fins, it's designed to hold and build heat to transfer to the Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre air flowing through the heater fan to the interior of the vehicle.

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Why not go a step further and simply implement a better mount into the motherboard spec? Threaded fittings or even in an included backplate.? I know, 'costs', but if you can add a bunch of dumb looking heatsinks that stick off of every possible component, how hard would it be to add a better mount?

you do not have to, and for a regular computer user that's the case, they mount it and forget it, overclockers do not!

I was wondering how Ib would do if the Ihs was removed and had a block straight on it, comparable temps to Sb you reckon?

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

Omega Seamaster Bond Spectre

That would require me buying an Intel set up first

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