Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

The concern here is that the retail price on many of their bags are NOT accurate. For example the Chanel Cambon Large Tote retailed less than a year ago at $1975, however the website states the Cambon Large Tote retails for $2415 which is absolutely not correct information.

not order from this company. I am out of $520.00 and I might not ever get my money back. Don be a victim like I was.

Bottom line is you need to not only have the bag on your site listed with proper pricing, but the year it was made. Only then may you add what the bag would cost if it were new in today market. However you can price the bag as of today cost if they bag is over 20 years old.

I don care that they were profiled on a media outlet, I can only believe that they hunted around for someone to give them exposure. If you plan on doing business and claiming to be an expert, you may want to get your prices right, because there will always be others out there with more experience and knowledge that aren afraid to warn the public of unethical practices such as Luxedh. I have noticed that luxedh will showcase a handbag that is over 15 years old and then try to state it retail as of current.

It was surprising to have read some "not so good" reviews because I been buying from this site for a couple of years now. Luxedesignerhandbags has never disappointed, it in fact where I have gotten most of my authentic purses. Great deals, great quality and customer service is excellent. If you having doubts about buying I suggest you just call, the representatives are experts and really care that you feel satisfied with your purchases. Take it from someone who has bought 15+ items in the last 2 years. I recommend this site to all my girlfriends. Happy shopping!

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

It disconcerting when you find dishonesty at the very beginning, Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Blue Dial

LuxeDH is sell replica merchandise but claiming that their company only sells 100% authentic merchandise. My experience was horrible with LuxeDH. LuxeDH sent me a fake/replica Louis Vuitton. When I called LuxeDH the lady that help me name was Liz she was very apologetic and nice. Liz said that LuxeDh will give me an full refund back. However when I receive Liz email she said that I would be charged a $25 restocking fee for returning the item. LuxeDH sent me a fake/replica wallet and they were going to charge me a restocking fee? This must been a joke or something. Right? Wrong, not to mention LuxeDH charge my card $44.95 for overnight shipping and wallet didn even come until a week later. I called Liz again an she said that the guy that handles and their refunds and financing wasn at work but as soon as he came back to work I would be refund it the $44.95 an addition a $25.00 for the inconvenience. Sounds nice right? I still have yet to receive my a refund for the shipping and handling nor has LuxeDH refunded me back the money what is owned to me for the fake/replica wallet. Moral to Omega Seamaster Golf Edition

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

I just want to say that I have purchased 3 bags from this company over the past 2 years and have never had a problem returning a bag or getting my refund. I did return one of the bags I bought because of the size and I needed something bigger. I called and spoke with someone who explained exactly what to do and I received my refund a few days later (which is the case with any refund banks don all have the same time frame). I usually don post reviews but I saw this pop up when I typed in their name to go look for another bag to by online. I don think it fair one person who is bitter is going to bash them especially saying they don sell real bags. If you had a bad experience thats 1 thing, but to go after their reputation is another. I had every bag i purchased from LuxeDH authenticated and each time the result is ALWAYS authentic. I will continue to buy from them. People need to do their research when buying, like look at the press the company has. I do that for every purchase I make online. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it the false accusations that I don think is fair to impose on a company who obviously has been doing something right I doubt all those news channels, and magazines would make them cover stories if they were some sort of rip off scam site. To anyone reading to your own research before deciding.

this story is make sure you are buying from a reparable company. When I read reviews on LuxeDH all of them were good now looking back that probably was the first red flag. People please do Omega Seamaster 200 Omegamatic

We do have our handbags carefully inspected by our authentication experts before its sold. I then got a notification from Paypal to say my first purchase had been cancelled. I have had a refund. I rang LuxDH left a message a week ago they have not called me back. I now see the status of my second purchase is showing as Cancelled so I assume I will be seeing a refund for that lot too. At least a refund is coming through but I have called several times Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch and left a message and can speak to anyone. Something is askew?

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

I an attorney who also has a love of designer bags, I keep a close watch for many that have put up websites in the hopes that the public isn up to par on what a bag costs when it was first released and what it costs today.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

what else are they being dishonest about. I stay away from their site and at the very least do your homework before you take someone word for granted. Do research and you be surprised at how many make false statements about products and then try and pull the wool over your eyes.

It is seldom that I buy designer products online, I wouldn be satisfied with looking at pictures online and getting a fake or damaged product. I always found myself lost in the merchant websites such as Amazon or eBay, with so many sales happening, I never sure if they have people to check the authenticity of the product. But at Luxe DH, they have experts who check the bags and make sure it is an authentic piece.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

´╗┐Consumer Reviews of Luxedesignerhandbags

Retail needs to be based on the year the bag was put out, and then if they want they can add what the current price is. However, not only did they fail to give the ORIGINAL price, they gave an incorrect price for many handbags. That would leave one wondering what else they fail to mention about their bags. Just a heads up!

It the first time that I bought a luxury product online, and boy was it a fascinating experience. Luxe Designer Handbags had a great collection of pre owned bags to choose from, brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Probably the reason why I spent time to pick the right one.

Of course they claim they sell bags for over half 50% off retail price. Sure, if you post inaccurate prices that are not true and then add your sale price, anyone can claim that they offer half off.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Watch

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