Omega Constellation Quartz Review

"That was never really my scene," he says. "All those people working with my dad would be thinking, 'How do I get so many drugs on this load, so I can get my own thing going?'

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

There is even a review from a Winson Green guard, whose identity is kept anonymous, to prevent him losing his job. The warder has this to say: "It kept the inmates quiet. That's got to be good."

They are hardened criminals serving time at Winson Green prison. It's little wonder that the lags from the Brummie lock up are so enthusiastic about the comic. A volume of villainy and vice, it is a highly descriptive yarn about drug smuggling in the Midlands.

"I used to travel round and pick up all these French comic books, and I thought, if I put my mind to it I could pick up this style," he says.

Wilson who was brought up and still lives in Coventry is a film buff and once worked in the animation side of the industry. For a while he was based Omega Speedmaster With Leather Strap

This is Wilson's second comic book about English villains. The first, Smuggling Vacation, was also popular with the criminal fraternity, particularly those in Winston Green, though this is the first time the artist has chosen to use his unusual fan base to promote his work.

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

in London, where he was employed by Stephen Spielberg's animation production company, Amblimation.

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

His father, Tony Spencer, is a former bank robber and smuggler, and was once the most wanted man in England.

"That wasn't my intention," he says. "Of course, in order for me to sell the book, I had to make it an attractive package.

Tony Spencer's line of work wasn't the only major influence on Jason's creativity. Living in Europe, he was perusing a lot of continental graphic novels.

Jason Wilson's comic book, Day Of The Deal, also has a long list of buy this book blurbs on the back page, though the satisfied readers offering their recommendations aren't your traditional reviewers.

Jason Wilson draws on experience

´╗┐Comic book writer Omega Seamaster 300m On Nato Strap

"I was thinking, 'I'd love to do a script about this, or make a film about it.'"

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

"Anyone who takes the trouble to read the story will quickly realise that what I'm portraying isn't glamorous at all.

"When animation started to become computerised my skills became redundant," he says. "So I thought, 'I can draw well, I love movies, so what can I do?'

Wilson is close to his wayward parent. Though not a criminal himself, he has spent a lot of time in the dastardly world of daddy dangerous.

"And having rave reviews from criminals on the back cover should certainly grab the reader's attention. That could be seen as glamorising crime.

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

"There are probably criminals out there, who have their place in Malaga, and are laughing. That's not the side I've seen. My dad has made a lot of money, but he's lost a lot of money. And he's been arrested a hell of Omega Constellation Quartz Review a lot. I've visited too many prisons over too many years, and my family hasn't benefited ever.

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

"I've seen more of the downside than most people," he says.

Wilson explains that his cynical take on the UK's criminal fraternity comes from the bitter experiences of having a father who regularly broke the law.

from the first book."

Years ago, when he was a struggling artist, he drifted in and out of Spencer's world. He lived with his father in mainland Europe and also became close to his "business associates".

I've already had some feedback and people are saying it's much darker than what I've done before, and poignant. Very different Omega Seamaster 300 Blue Dial

A similar accusation could be aimed at his own work, especially with the quotes from convicted criminals on the back of Day Of The Deal. Was he trying to make crime look sexy?

As a young boy he had enjoyed British and American comics, but now he was increasingly impressed by the classic European style, best exemplified by Herge, the creator of Tintin.

As a film fan, Jason is well aware that cinema has a tendency to glamorise gangster culture.

Wilson keeps returning to the subject of crime because he knows it well.

That way of drawing and telling a story is very much in evidence in Day Of The Deal.

However, Wilson's father has helped in one important aspect. He provided invaluable inside information for the comic book, which ensures the criminal activities seem authentic.

"That's why the comic strip seemed like the perfect option. When I do a graphic novel, I can write it, design it, edit it, draw it and market it. And it doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, like it would if it was a movie."

"Whenever he's gone down the swanny he took everything with him."

The back cover reviews include this enthusiastic effusion from prisoner A5800AG, Kevin B Hartley, serving five years for armed robbery: "Brought back so many fond memories, from just starting out in the game, to the day I got caught."

Omega Constellation Quartz Review

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