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I agree the minimum wage is a good thing in principle. Unfortunately, mass immigration from, and via, EU countries has meant masses being thrown on the dole and a thriving black market of casual labour. New Labour betrayed the working classes of this country and created a dependency culture in one of the most cynical pieces of political opportunism in recent times. They know that the benefit dependent class, the newly created citizens (remember their attempts to fast track citizenship?), the ethnic minority groups desperate to bring more of their people in and the businesses Omega Seamaster 007 Skyfall

"There's certainly an issue with increased street drinking and begging by unemployed Eastern European economic migrants. We can't get them housed and into treatment because to be able to get benefits they have to have a 12 month work history.

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"That's been a particular problem around Chapel Bar."

´╗┐Closure of 'wet' centre fuels rise in city's street drinkers

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

Mike Knight, chairman of Nottingham Pub, Club and Hotel Watch, said: "The problem seems to be raising its head because the wet centres are having their funding removed. It's thrown everyone onto the street."

"I used to manage that centre which worked with 70 people a day. It was a wet centre where people could drink alcohol on the premises and access doctors and nurses on site. The majority of street drinkers are alcohol dependent.

Police and community protection officers have been working closely with Framework and its outreach teams to identify vulnerable people and work with them to get them off the Omega Constellation Price Ladies streets. It has included early morning sweeps of areas where people sleep rough.

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would embrace the opportunity of sub six pounds per hour jobs. The end result is that millions of British workers are on the minimum wage or are being sucked towards it because their pay is frozen or being reduced each year whereas the minimum wage goes up by a few pennies each year. We'll all be on the minimum soon.

New Labour introduced the minimum wage to the shock and horror of their business chums. They then paid their business chums back by allowing uncontrolled immigration from p poor countries knowing full well that those people Omega Speedmaster Professional Review

If they keep closing cutting places support networks for vulnerable people at this alarming rate, the FINANCIAL debt/defecit will be nothing as compared with the SOCIAL debt/defecit.

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

Police and city council community protection teams have been patrolling Chapel Bar, Hockley, Bluecoat Close and Stamford Street over the past seven weeks following complaints from local businesses and licensees.

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Omega Constellation Price Ladies

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

THE closure of a day centre for homeless people and growing numbers of unemployed Eastern European economic migrants has led to more alcohol related anti social behaviour, it is claimed.

Jason Marriott, of homeless charity Framework's city outreach team, said: "The increase in street drinking is specifically to do with the closure of the Handel Street Day Centre in Sneinton.

that rely on cheap labour (undercutting the minumum wage) will always vote for them. Even more disgracefully the trade unions colluded with them in achieving this.

in combating anti social behaviour by street drinkers.

Mr Knight said licensees had noticed "a little more activity" by police and community protection efforts to tackle street drinking in recent weeks.

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

PLEASE dont anyone bother telling me its got to be done in this way at this speed. The biggest problem in this country is that there are a small minorityof wealthy parasites constantly taking a huge slice of every financial cake. As Ive said a few times, 1% have got around 35% of the wealth. In view of our massive financial problems, its time for them to give a lot of it back.

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

The GREED of this minority has ruined ( continues to ruin)our society.

Inspector Leona Scurr, neighbourhood policing inspector for the city centre, said: "Some of it is rowdiness. We are doing a lot of work with off licences asking why they are selling strong ciders and lagers."

Sergeant Paul Harris, who has been working with Framework while on secondment from Notts police, said enforcement action has been a last resort Omega Seamaster Orange Face

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

Omega Constellation Price Ladies

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