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be the case.

That total doesn't include a few people who got in touch with Oulundsen because they weren't able to donate online and instead are sending their contributions by mail.

Bella was brought in Wednesday morning to be spayed, but had her surgery pushed back because of emergency cases that came in at the Merrimack Veterinary Hospital. One of the veterinarian technicians, Lisa Frennette, is helping Bella and Misty's healthy brother, Kole, find forever homes.

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After Oulundsen brought the cats to see a veterinarian at the Merrimack Veterinary Hospital, she learned from Dr. Jim Whitebone that little Misty wouldn't live without surgery. The Telegraph posted a story about the fundraising campaign on its website Tuesday afternoon.

NASHUA Less than 24 hours after reaching out to the Omega Speedmaster Pro Vs Reduced

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft

Misty's mother, whom the two women named Bella, also is staying with Oulundsen.

Oulundsen and Lund wanted to thank the community for its support and especially those who donated.

community for help, an online fundraising campaign to save the life of a 9 week old kitten named Misty reached its goal.

"I want the echocardiogram to reveal that his heart is strong, that we can go forward with the surgery. I just feel in my heart that's going to be the way it's going to go," she said. "I feel as though this little guy is just so full of life and wants to live.

"We exceeded our goal, that's incredible. As soon as I saw that, I called up the clinic and I said, 'Well, let's start moving forward. First of all, let's start the echocardiogram,'" Oulundsen said.

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Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft

Oulundsen noted that it is her and Lund's desire to find a permanent home for Misty.

"Once the surgery is done and successful, then, ultimately finding the perfect fit for a forever home for Misty is the goal," she said. "The reason I think that is going to be so important is obviously, this is a kitten who came out of the gate with some hurdles. Having said that, there could potentially be other things down the line. It's going to have to be someone who is aware of all that."

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft

In fact, with 25 days left in the fundraising campaign, the goal was exceeded late Wednesday morning. As of press time, a total of $1,806 was raised through 62 donors. Lund pointed out that one man ended Omega Seamaster 40mm

While "Team Misty" tries to remain hopeful, Oulundsen noted that the echocardiogram could come back with bad results.

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The 9 week old kitten is black with patches of white on his face, chest and paws. His fur is still fuzzy because he's so young.

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Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft

Two Nashua residents Elaine Oulundsen and Lisa Lund, who happen to be neighbors and animal lovers launched the campaign five days ago to raise money to help pay for the kitten's medical expenses and surgery. Misty, who was abandoned in a Dover apartment along with his mother and two siblings, suffers from pectus excavatum. This means his sternum has an abnormality, is concave and doesn't protect his heart.

"We're very excited that it was raised so quickly," Lund added.

She noted that every time a donation was made on the website, she received an email with the person's name and how much they contributed.

up making three $20 donations and an additional $100 donation.

"I can't believe the outpouring; it has been so awesome."

"This is just amazing. Oh, my gosh," Oulundsen said Wednesday afternoon from her Raymond Street home, where Misty is staying. "I am just walking on air right now."

This procedure will allow Whitebone to look at Misty's heart to make sure it is OK to proceed with the surgery, which requires a custom ordered cast that pulls the sternum back to where it needs to be. The vet said the kitten will most likely have to have the surgery twice because he continues to grow every day. Thursday. They fortunately don't have to wait until the 30 days for the fundraiser is complete, she said.

But Oulundsen doesn't believe this will Omega Watches Limited Edition

"I am just overjoyed with the events of the last 24 hours," Oulundsen said. "I feel like I've had a glass of champagne and I haven't. But I feel that elated."

"I'm going to hope for the very, very best," she said. "I Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft don't want to dwell on these things, but the echocardiogram, the worst case scenario is we take a look at the heart and the heart has a hole in it that would be the worst case scenario."

Oulundsen has two cats of her own and Lund has a cat and a dog, and none of the animals is receptive to having a rambunctious kitten share their home with them.

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He has white whiskers that are in stark contrast to his mostly black face. It was his adorable face and spunkiness that convinced the women to fight for Misty.

´╗┐Community rallies to help save abandoned kitten

"We're so appreciative," Lund added. "I am amazed at the people who have responded, some on them being so generous. All of them are generous, but some of them are amazing, I can't even believe it."

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