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i would have thought it would be perfectly clear who im on about !

The court heard that when Jeffcoate signed up with the agency and failed to declare his previous convictions, it concealed the fact he is a convicted rapist. Omega Watches Speedmaster Automatic

im talkin about the people who all said it was ok for the james bulger murder'er to be set free because he was a kid at the time only for him to go on to be arrested on child porn charges !

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

sansue , what kind of stupid question is that ? did you even bother to read the above Omega Speedmaster Brown Face story ?

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

Only then did he inform his probation officer about his registration with the agency.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

After the hearing, Judith Thompson, a spokeswoman for right4staff, said: "He worked as a warehouse operative and forklift truck driver on a temporary basis for two clients for around ten weeks.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

all the people who think they know best , and whats right even though they have never experienced the pain that these animals bring into the lifes of not just the victims but the whole victims families lives !

He also outraged public decency in Asda in Hyson Green when he took pictures up the skirts of two unsuspecting shoppers with a digital camera and was sentenced for that offence in February 2008.

"Prior to his employment, and in line with company policy, he was asked to state verbally and in writing whether he had a criminal conviction.

In 1986 he was sent to prison for nine years for that offence, as well as burglary and attempted burglary.

ten months, suspended for 18 months. He will be supervised by the Probation Service and remain on the SOPO.

im talkin about the everyone deserves a 2nd chance mob ! well not at the expence of my childs safty ! not even if theres only a 2 % chance of them reoffending , any child safty is worth 100 time more than a convicted molesters rights !

"There is no suggestion there was any motive, other than an economic motive for him to gain that employment," he said.

im talking about the dogooders who campaign via the national press to get high profile child rapists and killers out of prison even though every time it apears in the paper it tears open the mental wounds of the INNOCENT victims and their families !

The 47 year old, of Sneinton Boulevard, registered with right4staff employment agency in Nottingham in October 2008, but only got work for 10 weeks this year.

"He knew perfectly well what the obligations on him were, as he has in the past, and he repeatedly does not comply with the order of the court," the judge said.

they are the people who feel qualified to say some beast is safe to be released only for him to go on and rape some 9 year old in his council house 3 blocks from a school !

im talking about Omega Constellation Quartz Vintage

"He lied about this and stated that he did not.

Richard Posner told the court, in mitigation, that his client had been homeless and needed work.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

the do gooders i am talkin about are the people who sit on a panel and put the rights of a rapist or a child molester before the rights of the victims and before the safety of the public ,

"During these assignments he was reliable and no complaints were made about his work or behaviour.

He received a prison sentence of Omega Seamaster Master Coaxial Chronometer

Last September, while still on the agency's books but not working, Jeffcoate also breached his order after he had a camera in public and followed a woman near Boots.

Due to the type of work he wanted to do, he did not qualify for a Criminal Records Bureau check.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

As a result he was charged and pleaded guilty at court.

´╗┐Convicted rapist lied about his past to get agency work

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

"Once right4staff was informed of his conviction and the fact that he had lied about it became apparent, his employment was terminated immediately and a statement given to police."

Jeffcoate worked for Pork Farms in Nottingham earlier this year, the court heard, and in May was given a long term contract.

Jeffcoate was convicted again in September 2008 of similar behaviour and was given the SOPO one month before he signed up for work through the agency.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Face

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