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Reinhart addressed many of Wallingford's concerns, explaining that off street parking is already dealt with in a different section of the city's code, and building plans would still be required to meet storm drainage guidelines before being built.

Wallingford raised a number of concerns with the code changes.

Reinhart said that the new language will help establish zone boundaries. Rather than moving in straight lines through properties, zones will have to follow property lines, he said.

Thornton said that, while she likes the concept of a building envelope, it would be difficult to properly enforce in Moab.

The Moab City Planning Commission voted last week to recommend a code change that would allow smaller lots and larger houses. The measure, which drew fire from some local residents during the June 28 meeting, will now be sent to the Moab City Council for consideration.

´╗┐Code change would allow homes on smaller lots

According to Moab City Planning Director Jeff Reinhart, the proposed change would allow property owners to build on lots as small as 5,000 square feet in several residential zones, including the R 2, R 3, and R 4 zones. The current minimum lot size is 7,200 square feet. The change would also allow houses to cover up to 60 percent of the surface area of the lot, provided the building stays within the city's required setbacks.

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"This allows for more variability," Reinhart said. "This does not mean that a contractor has to come in and establish his whole subdivision with this. He has the option to go to this size."

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"This [building envelope] concept. is that you can build higher the further away you Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz are from the property line. Therefore, only larger lots can build to the maximum height," she said. "Why does this new code not even mention the envelope concept, which is clearly the best way to address many of the problems this new code will be creating?"

"You get more affordable lots and housing for people in Moab," said commission member Joe Downard.

are generally not accepted for publication unless the letter has a public purpose. Thank you letters dealing with private matters that compliment or complain about a business Omega Seamaster Black Leather Strap

"I'm sort of dismayed also to see that our concerns and our time aren't appearing in this ordinance at all," she said. "I'd really like to see more time spent on this. I really feel like our community deserves it."

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Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

We're glad to give readers a forum to express their points of view on issues important to this community. That forum is the "Letters to the Editor." Letters to the editor may be submitted directly to The Times Independent through this

or individual will not be published. Nor will letters listing the names of individuals and/or businesses that supported a cause or event. Thank you letters about good Samaritan acts will be considered at the discretion of the newspaper.

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In addition to changing lot sizes and setbacks, the code change also attempts to clarify some issues regarding zoning, Reinhart said.

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Wallingford also voiced concerns about adequate off street parking, how an increase in hard surfaces on lots could cause storm drainage issues, and the lack of a "building envelope."

"I have attended many workshops in the past concerning issues addressed in this proposed legislation," she said. "I was dismayed to see that many of the concerns that I raised. are not even mentioned with this new code."

"The one limiting factor is that it's staff time to make sure that it's done correctly," Thornton said. "To me, it seems cost prohibitive given the size staff we have now. It's cost prohibitive in terms of the enforcement of it."

there are many parts of the proposed changes I agree with, I feel this document is not ready to be sent on to the council without further revision," Lucy Wallingford told the commission.

Several Moab residents spoke out against the changes during a public hearing. "Although Omega Speedmaster 69

"Citizens need access to our southern sky to grow food, to cut down on our bills using passive solar building design and to be able to generate our own electricity," Wallingford said. "The way this law reads now, a Moab citizen can invest many thousands of dollars in solar equipment for their home, and then someone to the south of them can come along and buy the house next door, tear it down and. block their neighbor's access to the sun by 100 percent."

According to planning commission chairwoman Kelly Thornton, the goal of the changed wording is to provide more options to increase affordable housing.

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Using several model houses made out of cardboard, and a poster showing the proposed lot sizes, Wallingford gave a demonstration on how two houses being built at the maximum allowances under the new code could effectively block the sun from a smaller house located between them.

Moab residents Bob and Diane Walker also spoke against the code changes. Diane Walker said that she has been actively involved in many of the meetings and workshops regarding affordable housing.

"There really isn't a clear cut establishment of zones," he said. "I don't think there's a clear enough understanding as to what goes on in that."

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