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As a person, he was great, and a football coach he was as well. Omega Seamaster Mid Size

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For Stanford? 13 0 and winning a National Championship! And I hope your buddy who asked that knows that it's only a prediction!And after catching up on college football, we move onto NFL. In his first year as Peyton Manning's heir at the Colts, he took them team to a 8 8 record and into the play offs. His offensive co ordinator, Bruce Arians, did not stay he left for the head coaching job at Arizona in the off season.

So after being in Britain and spending some of your life growing up here, what would you think about returning to Britain for a game? (Z C)

I think the guys are doing really well in OTAs. I think the two guys we drafted Hugh Thornton and Khaled Holmes are doing a wonderful job, and Donald Thomas and the rest of the guys are doing great, too. They are mixing in really well with the guys we have Omega Speedmaster 42mm

But it's the nature of the business that coaches come and go, so as much I was sad that he left, I was more happy for him to get a coaching opportunity.

Autzen (at the University of Oregon) is very tough, and underrated is the University of Washington. It's got a low roof and the noise bounces. You can't hear what the fans say it's just really noisy.

What was the toughest environment you ever played in?

So what's your prediction for the 2013 4 season?

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

Will Stanford ever get to another Rose Bowl?

You've had experiences of both former (and now San Francisco 49ers coach) Jim Harbaugh, and current coach David Shaw. What do they both bring to the party in terms of coaching?

I think it's different in every situation. You can't prescribe one plan to everybody. Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap In my situation I'm so happy that I went back for my senior year, but I can't speak for everyone else.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

What do you think of the improvements to the offensive line? (Alex Gayton)

They are both incredibly competitive in different ways. Coach Harbaugh is more out going, exuberant and excitable, while Coach Shaw is more cool, calm and collected.

How much are you going to miss Bruce Arians? (Darren Byrne)

"Gosh, when I heard that I was going to be interviewed by Sir Alex Ferguson, I thought: "Why in the heck does the manager of Manchester United want to do an interview with me?""

Do you think the Colts are equipped to handle the new changes in offense under the new offensive co ordinator? (UK Colts Fans)

What quarterbacks did you most look up to? (Stuart Maclean)

of Stanford Football 101, I decide to leave it to you fans for the rest of the questions:

So after confusing myself with the depths Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m/1000ft

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

right now.

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

´╗┐Colts quarterback Andrew Luck talks about the new NFL season

I think Peyton is obviously phenomenal and arguably one of the best ever, but I didn't view it as replacing him. I viewed it as: \

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

Andrew Luck

Quotes of the week

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

I think it would be wonderful. I think it would be a logistical challenge, but teams can handle it, so I think it would be fine.

Peyton like you attended college for all four years would you recommend staying for the whole four years, bearing in how Matt Barkley dropped down the NFL pecking order?

So the real Alex Ferguson interviews Andrew Luck, quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, who's here to on a NFL goodwill mission to London place where he was schooled at the American School in St John's Wood and to meet Indianapolis Colts fans on a Friday night. ("That was Tavita Pritchard that was the year before me!" he says, smiling).

Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

My dad backed Peyton up in Houston for a year, so I always felt that we knew the Manning family well and we watched them, so Peyton was a big football hero of mine.

Oh, absolutely. I hope this year that we go to the National Championship, which I think this year is in Pasadena (home to the Rose Bowl). I think Coach Shaw has done a phenomenal job of keeping the team going in the right direction.

I think that we'll do whatever it takes to win. If that means running the ball a bit, then sure and throwing it as well.

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Omega Speedmaster Brown Leather Strap

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