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Hate to bring up a dead horse, but I just recently had a problem similar to this, and wanted to see if anyone found anything out before I ask Comcast to drop my speed. My connection has been up and running for years on the same router, and everything seemed fine till yesterday. My desktop dropped off the internet, but still says it's connected. It is hardlined to the router. My laptop recognizes the wireless, but won't connect. I tried rebooting and resetting both modem/router and computers several times. I tried hard connecting the desktop straight to the modem, and that seems to work, for a short time. After awhile, it drops right back off, and will usually say limited or no connection/activity.

you are , except i'm in the networking field so i know what to look for. If it was signal issue, then you'll experience the drop while the internet is working and you are using it. If it's like you just return home and started to use your internet and it ain't working then me thinks comcast is running out of real ip to dish out to in their DHCP network, you'll have to wait in line till the next ip to become available which is a matter of luck and time.

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Let say you have no traffic going through you modem for a period of 4 hours or so. I'm having the same problem as Omega Seamaster 120 For Sale

I also use TeamViewer to remote desktop to my office computer from home and it drops out every so often too.

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am switching from Fairpoint landline to the Ooma VoiP option. Everything works great except that now I notice in some calls the line goes all quiet for a couple of seconds and then comes back. Very annoying in the middle of a conversation.

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He dropped my network communication speed to 10 Mbps and the MTU to 1400. Now I no longer get disconnected, but the internet seems to be a bit slow. He explained it had something to do with modem/router communication, but I didn't catch all of it.

Comcast says when the cable box Omega Rose Gold Constellation loses it's signal, the router can't get good communication back with the cable box. I'm not sure if that's right. He just told me to turn them all off and then turn them back on. The thing is the wirelesss network still works, and my Pc shows me connected, but I can't open anything internet related. When I hook up the cable modem directly to the host PC everythinh works great all the time never losing connection.

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Using Netgear powerline for routing and have a wireless router too for Ipod.

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I read one article that said the problem is a result of Microsoft Wireless Zero Configuration constantly looking for a new or better wireless network becoming available. I believe that is closer to the cause. That article suggested establishing your wireless connection and then disabling WZC. I tried that too, but no luck.

Is there a tool that can monitor an internet connection over a period of time so that I could prove it is a DSL issue, not a network issue?

I've tried about a dozen suggested fixes probably over a hundred times. Nothing is working. I even tried re installing my operating system.

New cable modem

With so many people having this problem, someone has GOT to find an answer sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

You know what, I have the SAME exact problem with my Centrino lappy. I've tried EVERYTHING to fix it nothing works. I've had this problem for over a year and still haven't found a solution.

greetings buffdaddy: i am having the same sorta troubles. what i am using to connect to is att (2wire 802, 11g usb wireless adapter) but that is not my poblem. It's the wireless network connections3 that comes with the computer. I am serious thinking of going to my cpu/properties/ hardware/ device manger. yesterday i " scan for hardware changes".

I sure hope Omega Watch Diamond

question? should i ( update all network drivers). My problem sounds likw what evrybody else is the the wirellessnetworkconnections ( Activity) twin cpu icons keep going from full blue to left blue them all gray or right is blue. My cpu use to stall blue all day buy, now t keeps going from blue to gray. Please help i am willing to pay you by paypal?

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´╗┐Connection Keeps Dropping Off

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I think it's comcast cable or what ever cable company and the way they deal with their service, they will drop your ip based on inactivity, which is given to your modem based inactivity.

New linksys routerSome retard at comcast told me to try some windows patch and that it would fix it, but it didn't. So if you have comcast and they suggest that, don't bother.

I need to mention there are three computers on the wireless network. One other computer had the issue and I changed the wireless channel That cured the problem for the other computer.

After spending more than 5 hours on the phone with D Link and speaking with more than 5 different agents, I was eventually referred to someone that seemed to know what he was doing.

someone comes up with an answer. I have the same problem. Folks, I don't think it is your router.

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As this was not happening with my regular Netgear hub, I would guess it's an issue with the router.

Same problem here to. I have two laptops using Centrino that can't keep an internet connection to my DIR 625, Belkin G, and Linksys G Router. I've tried all three routers and I'm running into the same problem. However, I have a desktop using a Linksys Wireless Adapter that never loses access to the internet. So it's definitely something to do with the laptops. If it truly is a Centrino problem then wouldn't using a usb wireless adapter on the laptop fix the problem? I haven't tried that yet.

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