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Sculptor Sean Hedges Quinn has done it with his statue of Bob Stokoe. It's real hair on the back of the neck stuff.

A blueprint by the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre Clean Coal Task Force has demonstrated the possibilities of low carbon emission, greener power stations. There is hope, it appears. And while thousands still march in the Durham Miners' Gala, with the hope goes the will.

all a bit grubby, mining. And that's the crux of this.

these days.

For most, the supping is the same wherever you turn up, from Portsmouth to Pennywell.

The market is still there. In Britain last year, we burned 57million tonnes of coal, 36million tonnes of which was imported, most of it from Eastern Europe.

With just six deep mines operating in Britain the last North East one shutting more than 18 months ago coal in Britain is entering the pages of history.

Someone might have to tell Tony that one of Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Skyfall

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre

´╗┐Coalmining just doesn't go with Tony's image

It's elation, emotion. Moments captured in time.

There Omega Seamaster Ladies

Micro breweries might have chucked variety and adventure at a handful of our pubs, but the predominant tipple in most bars remains Aussie, Yorkshire and French lagers and beers.

It doesn't fit with his world image. It's Omega Seamaster 300 Rose Gold

And British coal can still be competitive, given half a chance.

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STANDING, looking at the joy carved literally into Bob Stokoe's face, you realise what football is all about.

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There might be ex miners galore occupying the foothills of government at regional level but the nearer you get to Westminster the thinner the lines get. Their influence is non existent.

Politely he resists all invitations to attend the gala.

It's symbolic, of course, but whatever remains of this fading brewery line has got to be preserved.

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We might be sitting on 300 years of coal reserves, but our Labour masters have now finished the job Margaret Thatcher and her henchmen started in the 1980s.

are still thousands of skilled miners out there. Dumped, far too early, when their skills were sacrificed and communities abandoned, for what?

It's not players writhing in mock agony, bling bling weddings, coke snorting WAGs, badge kissers, shares or transfer bungs.

Double Maxim and Samson, in their own little way, are keeping a small corner of this world free for a drop of history.

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The Government's long awaited energy review has conferred the last rites on this industry.

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Sounds like another one of Tony's talking shops to me even if there is the slim chance of regenerating an industry bound in our blood.

That still means something to some of us in this town.

The review has proved a boon for the nuclear power industry. North Sea gas is running out, yet coal merits barely a footnote in New Labour's plans for the future.

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Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre

The National Union Of Mineworkers has dwindled from its pomp in the North East to fewer than 3,000 members nationwide.

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But what makes this piece truly special is the road which fans, friends, ex players took to put Bob on his plinth.

Homogenous. Dull. Safe.

Once the heart and soul of the Labour Party, they have been bushwacked, even if the Industry Secretary is now talking optimistically of a new forum to secure "the long term future of coal".

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