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Cllr Nick Sandford, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said: "We need a more consensual Omega Speedmaster Racing On Wrist

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´╗┐Conservative leader rules out pacts but Peterborough opposition groups may unite to force change

He said: "If we Omega Seamaster Chrono Quartz Digital

"It was marvellous to win the seats. None of us really expected to get in but we put in a lot of hard work during the campaign.

"If that was to happen the forum would have 13 seats and would it make it the official opposition group.

Cllr Roger Herdman, spokesman for the UKIP group, said: "We have already been approached by the Conservatives and the Independents, who want to talk with us.

"I was disappointed to lose a single seat. But I see the election result as an endorsement of the achievements of the Conservative group over the last five years.

Cllr Sharp said he favoured changing the council's cabinet system of government to a committee system.

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"I would expect every councillor to vote in the best interests of the city.

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receive an application from UKIP to join we will consider it.

He said: "There will be no alliances, no pacts and no coalition.

"It would be an abdication of duty if we did not form an administration.

"The problems particularly a 19 million budget blackhole are so difficult that politically the best thing would be to let the opposition groups form an administration.

Key to that goal is likely to be a move to axe the current leader appointed cabinet system of running the council, and which has been criticised for stiffling debate.

Cllr Herdman added: "We will be speaking to Peterborough party members early next month to find out what they would like us to be doing."

And while Cllr Cereste says he is keen to soldier on unhindered, leaders of the opposition groups are already considering ways to clip the powerful Conservative group's wings.

Nineteen wards were contested at the elections, which saw an average voter turnout of 36 per cent.

pacts and no alliances Councillor Cereste' says he is determined to go on running the council even though his group was cut by four seats to 28 at last night's (Thursday) local elections.

It would be replaced by a committee system, in which councillors of all parties discuss and vote on the issues.

"And one of the first issues we will take up will be to try and get the council's cabinet system changed to a committee system, That will ensure more councillors are involved in decision making and it will be financially cheaper.

Local elections 2014 reaction: Council leader Marco Cereste has shrugged off the loss of overall control on Peterborough City Council and vowed there will be Omega Watches Seamaster Co Axial Chronometer

style of politics.

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"But I don't believe they could do it.

While the Conservatives lost four seats, the Independents kept their seven seats, UK Independence Party won three seats, Labour gained one seat, the Liberal Democrats kept four seats and the Liberal Party maintained three seats.

Independent Councillor Keith Sharp said the Peterborough Independent Forum, which includes the Liberal Party, Omega Constellation Gold will meet on Tuesday.

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He added: "UKIP is very relevant to local politics.

Cllr Cereste said: "I am confident the Conservative group will stick together and there is little chance of the opposition groups uniting to outvote us.

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"If he or she does not do that then they should be exposed to the public to decide what happens next.

It means the Conservative group is still the largest political group on the council.

"But in an ideal world I would hope that we could get all the political groups around the table and look at forming a coalition for a year."

The balance of power on council is now 28 Conservatives, 12 Labour, seven Independents, four Liberal Democrats, three Liberals and three UKIP councillors.

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