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Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

What do you think is the funniest, weirdest or most unique thing about New Hampshire? Well the liquor stores being on the highway I always found strange, which is why I included it in the tune.

Your video seemed to be an overnight success, why do you think it went over so well with people from NH (and people in general)? This video was an overnight success, but I have been plugging away at making these things for years now. This is the one that happened to catch on with the masses, and I think a big part of that is the pride people take in being from this state. It seemed like everyone in New Hampshire wanted everyone else to see it.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

Zach Braff" a few years back, Omega Seamaster 120m Quartz

What's the writing process for a video project like this? How long did it take and was it just you that wrote it? If it was just you, did you bounce your ideas off anyone? I wrote this one solo. Usually, I bounce Omega Seamaster Automatic Price

What's your favorite video or project that you've worked on? That's hard to answer, because some of them haven't been that fun to shoot, but they came out really well, and some were fun to shoot, but maybe not so great to watch. My favorite thing I worked on was probably "Vacationland", which was a 30 minute movie I shot with Billy and Darby, and which kicked off all of the subsequent videos.

I heard rumors you're from southern NH but where specifically did you live or grow up? How long did you live here for? I was born and raised in Atkinson, NH. I live in Hampsted now.

which he posted on his website and showed a clip of on "The Tonight Show. That was our most popular one, with almost a million hits over a few years, but the new video trumped that one in about 11 days.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

What's a normal workday like for you? Do you have an office or do you work from home? I work in Cambridge, Mass. as a video production specialist.

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Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

ideas off the rest of the Super Secret Project whenever I am writing something, especially once I have a first draft completed. For this one, I basically just printed out Jay Z's lyrics and tried to make them fit for NH. When I couldn't, I went back and just tried to make it funny. Writing it probably took about a week. I have a long commute to work, so I tend to come up with stuff in the car.

To gear up for the show I got a chance to get to know Christen and the "Granite State of Mind" video a little bit better. Below are some of the questions that I asked him but of course I didn't have a chance to ask him everything, so if you're heading to the show this weekend, make sure you stick around for the meet and greet after the show and say hi to him and the group.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

When you're not making videos and making people laugh, what do you enjoy doing? Sitting in the hammock with my kids. And keeping my head in the clouds.

´╗┐comes to the Music Hall

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

Not only does Christen seem like a great, fun guy but it's awesome that he seems just as proud of his home state as the rest of us do. I can't wait to keep tabs on him and his growing success.

What do you think is the best part about New Hampshire? I love that I am 45 minutes from everything. The beach, the mountains, the city, its all close by. I also like the four months out of the year that the weather is nice.

You'll soon be at the Portsmouth Music Hall doing a comedy showhow easy is it to transition from performing for a camera to performing in front of a live audience? Well, I guess we'll see! I am really excited to be doing the songs live. Musicians always seem to like to feed off of the crowd, and I am hoping that happens as we perform our silly songs in front of people. I want to see people nodding their heads.

The video was written and performed by Christen Wisecarver of the Super Secret Project and to date has nearly a million and a half viewings on YouTube. This weekend Christen and gang from the Super Secret Project will be hitting the main stage at the Music Hall in Portsmouth for a debut of their multimedia comedy show. Tickets for this show are only $10.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

What has been the most successful video? Granite State of Mind for sure. We did have a video called "Ode to Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Nato Strap

The video, a parody to "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, poked fun at New Hampshire and had residents and visitors roaring in laughter. The song mentioned everything that the Granite State is known for: flannel, maple syrup, Adam Sandler, highway liquor stores and Robert Frost.

Where did you get the inspiration for the Granite State of Mind video? I was just watching the original Jay Z video one day, and I thought it would make for a pretty good parody. I printed out his lyrics and tried to change them to match life in the 603, and then went back and tried to make it funny.

What's your favorite part or line in the video? I really like the Robert Frost mashup. I almost deleted that verse, as I figured people might not want to see another minute about me rapping about NH. Then I had the idea Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price to recite one of his poems, and it just worked. Now, I think that is the detail that just sent it over the edge. Performing that part live isn't fun though. It's really hard.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

Way back in early April a little video by the name of "Granite State of Mind" went viral across New Hampshire and the Internet in general.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1420 Price

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