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extract Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic information from prisoners and even from foreign leaders. Sidney Gottlieb, the scientist in charge of MKULTRA, and his fellow researchers were convinced that the key to this was a psychedelic drug known as LSD.

To this day, much of the surviving information on MKULTRA remains classified and therefore unavailable to the public. The aftershocks of the program continue to be felt in both American and Canadian society, with new lawsuits coming forward as recently as 2007 as more unpleasant side effects of the experiments come to light.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

It eventually became clear that LSD was not the wonder drug the CIA had hoped for, as the drug's effects were too unpredictable to be reliable. They experimented with other drugs, including marijuana, alcohol, sodium pentothal, heroin, morphine, MDMA, temazepam, mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, and ergine, as well as with hypnosis.

In December of 1974, The New York Times broke the story of the CIA's illegal activities, resulting in investigations of the CIA by Congress (the Church Committee) and a presidential commission called the Rockefeller Commission. A few Omega Seamaster Titane

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

A small number of people did volunteer for the program, among them Ken Kesey (who wrote "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) and Robert Hunter (who had connections to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead). Gottlieb made full use of his volunteers, subjecting them to experiments that were even more extreme, such as dosing them with LSD for 77 days in a row.

The CIA was anxious to develop their own mind control techniques in order to Omega Speedmaster Professional Lume

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Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

later category was that of Frank Olson, an Army biochemist and biological weapons researcher who was said to have committed suicide after being given LSD. It was later discovered that Olson had been murdered because he had resigned his position and the program considered him a security risk. Damages were paid to Olson's family and others and apologies were issued.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

The experiments were eventually outsourced to Canada, where, under the supervision of psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron, patients were subjected to dangerously high levels of electroshock therapy and drug induced comas (one of which lasted for three months) during which repetitive sounds were played in attempt to wipe the psyche clean. Once again, all of this was done without the patients' consent.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

files had survived, and while the information was not quite as detailed as the investigating committees had hoped, it was enough to hold up MKULTRA to the light of day.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

As you may imagine, people were not exactly lining up to participate in experiments involving a relatively untested drug. So the CIA administered the drug to people either without their knowledge or without fully informing them as to the nature of the drug and the purposes of their experiments. CIA employees, prisoners, prostitutes, medical and military personnel, mentally ill patients, and regular citizens all became unwitting participants in MKULTRA.

Lawsuits were filed against the government by surviving victims and their families, and by the families of those who had perished as a result of MKULTRA. One family in the Omega Seamaster 300m Quartz

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

´╗┐control research program MKULTRA today in 1953

The exposure of MKULTRA also led to an Executive Order by President Gerald Ford in 1976 that limited what the CIA and other intelligence departments were allowed to do in regards to human experimentation. The order was further refined by Presidents Carter and Reagan so that it covered any kind of human experimentation.

A particularly dark chapter in American history began today (April 13) in 1953 when the CIA initiated a program known as Project MK ULTRA, more commonly referred to as MKULTRA. prisoners of war in Korea.

MKULTRA lasted through the 1950s and 1960s, with CIA director Richard Helms ordering all documentation of the program destroyed in 1973.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

Omega Seamaster Chronograph Ceramic

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