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And in some, performance actually does improve, says Ken Ho, MD, PhD, head of the pituitary research unit at Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. All rights"It is probably the power of the mind that is giving you this benefit," Ho tells WebMD.

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Omega Watch Constellation

Doping for Performance: Study DetailsNeither the athletes nor the researchers knew if they were taking the growth hormone or the placebo. After eight weeks, the researchers asked the athletes to guess which they had taken and to say if they thought their performance had improved.

Ho's group conducted the study, knowing that doping with growth hormone is prevalent in sports but that scientific evidence is lacking on its effectiveness. They wondered if the placebo effect might explain why people believe it will help them.

Omega Watch Constellation

Omega Watch Constellation

The tests included endurance, strength, power, and sprint capacity. The test of power, gauged by jump height, was the only one to show a significantly greater improvement among those who incorrectly thought Omega Speedmaster White Dial Blue Hands

(Are you taking growth hormone for performance enhancement? Share your experiences and concerns on WebMD's Exercise and Fitness message board.)

Omega Watch Constellation

Omega Watch Constellation

Omega Watch Constellation

any of the improvement [in their performance] was simply due to the belief they were actually taking something artificially."

group of 32 who received placebo, those who wrongly thought they were on growth hormone thought their performance improved," Ho says. "Their measured performance actually did improve."

Omega Watch Constellation

they were on growth hormone compared to those who correctly guessed they were on placebo, he says.

"We wanted to know if Omega Seamaster Midsize Black

Omega Watch Constellation

"Among the Omega Speedmaster Racing Review

Omega Watch Constellation

Ho's team recruited 64 young adult recreational athletes, aged 20 to 40, randomly assigning them to receive either growth hormone (banned in sports) or an inactive placebo for eight weeks. They all exercised at least two hours a week and had done so for six months, Ho says.

June 17, 2008 Recreational athletes who believe they are using a performance enhancing drug but are actually taking a placebo or dummy pill think their performance Omega Watch Constellation will improve, according to a new study.

Then they zeroed in only on those who had taken placebo.

Omega Watch Constellation

Omega Watch Constellation

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