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To improve sleep quality Bailey recommended exercising, keeping the temperature in the room cool, having a quiet room, having a dark room, and using beds only for sleeping.

"Sleep is often a casualty of trying to do more and be better and it is often sacrificed, especially by college students, who kind of wear it as a badge of honor," Bailey said.

Women in the study were first assessed for body composition, and then were Omega Constellation Co Axial Chronometer

Omega Watches Kuwait

Omega Watches Kuwait

The main findings from the study, published online in the American Journal of Health Promotion:

Bailey related consistent sleep patterns to having good sleep hygiene. When sleep hygiene is altered, it can influence physical activity patterns, and affect some of the hormones related to food consumption contributing to excess body fat.

Sleep quality also proved to have a strong relationship to body fat. Sleep quality is a measure of how effective sleep is, or how much time spent in bed is spent sleeping. Those who had better sleep quality had lower body fat.

Omega Watches Kuwait

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´╗┐Consistent Omega Watches Kuwait Bed Time And Wake Time Can Mean Healthier Weight Brigham Young University Study

Omega Watches Kuwait

Quality of sleep is important for body composition.

The most surprising finding from the study, according to the researchers, was the link between bed time and wake time consistency and body weight. Study participants who went to bed and woke up at, or around the same time each day had lower body fat. Those with more than 90 minutes of variation in sleep and wake time during the week had higher body fat than those with less than 60 minutes of variation.

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Omega Watches Kuwait

A consistent bed time and, especially, a consistent wake time are related to lower body fat.

finds the consistency of your bed time and wake time can also influence body fat. universities over the course of several weeks and found that those with the best sleeping habits had healthier weights.

Omega Watches Kuwait

Omega Watches Kuwait

Omega Watches Kuwait

given an activity tracker to record their movements during the day and their sleep patterns at night. Researchers tracked sleep patterns of the participants (ages 17 26) for one week.

November 14, 2013 Utah Prior research has shown not getting enough sleep can impact your weight, but new BYU research Omega Seamaster 30 Vintage

Study finds women who wake up at same time every day have lower body fat

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Omega Watches Kuwait

Omega Watches Kuwait

Wake time was particularly linked to body fat: Those who woke up at the same time each morning had lower body fat. Staying up late and even sleeping in may be doing more harm than good, Bailey said.

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impact on our physiology," Bailey said.

Bailey and his team also found there was a sweet spot for amount of sleep: Those who slept between 8 and 8.5 hours per night had the lowest body fat.

Getting less than 6.5 or more than 8.5 hours of sleep per night is associated with higher body fat.

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Omega Watches Kuwait

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