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n About 40 percent of all traffic accidents are alcohol related.

Club members all used the .08 setting.

"This is what we see in a field test," Frechette said.

.50 can cause death from alcohol poisoning."

"At .10, there is slurred speech, loss of motor control, muscles are sluggish people stagger and reaction time is six times slower than normal. At .20, you lose emotional control, start crying and there is a lack of equilibrium. At .40, the drinker can go into a coma and Omega Seamaster Gmt Gold

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Frechette's presentation included a lot of information and statistics.

WILTON When police officers conduct field sobriety tests to determine if drivers are intoxicated, the tasks involved include touching the tip of a pencil with an index finger, walking heel to toe in a straight line and standing on one foot for 10 seconds, all easily accomplished if one is sober.

The visual effects of too much alcohol are simulated by a set of goggles called Fatal Vision. A kit to be used for impaired driver prevention was recently donated to the Police Department by the Wilton Lions Club. A demonstration of their use was made last Tuesday by officer John Frechette and several of the club members tried Omega Speedmaster Moonphase them out, much to the amusement to all those watching.

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The effects of a "social drink," about .02 blood alcohol, "gives you more self confidence, you get more talkative, and you are easily distracted, that 'buzz,' you want," Frechette said, "The reason people Omega Seamaster 300 Blue Dial

have a casual drink.

Those who tried the goggles were amazed. Since the glasses impair only the vision, not judgment, those trying them were able to evaluate what they were experiencing.

n There is no shortcut to sobering up. Coffee, cold showers and "walking it off" are all myths.

Frechette added, "We haven't done this with high schools but we have done exercises with a golf cart."

"It's a piece of trying to get the message across," he said.

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However, for an intoxicated person, the pencil tip is hard to find, the straight line to follow resembles a snake if the walker can locate it at all since it appears to move, and standing on one foot is close to impossible.

n Many factors affect how a person reacts to alcohol including gender, weight, amount of body fat, when the last meal was eaten and medications being taken.

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The set of five goggles simulates impairment at various levels, Frechette said, "and the highest setting will make you sick to your stomach." Prolonged wearing can "give you a hangover effect."

´╗┐Club's gift lets members see as a drunk does

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Club members were guided along the line Omega Constellation Mens Diamond

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"This is hilarious to watch," Police Chief Brent Hautanen said, "but it is serious."

"We don't do that on the road," Hautanen said, "but we try to catch them if they fall."

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"As more alcohol is consumed, peripheral vision is lost, attention span is shortened, there is a problem with following instructions, inhibitions are lowered, and there is increased risk taking," he said.

Frechette has been with the Police Department for about seven years and is in charge of the various safety programs. "I like to do these safety presentations," he said, noting that he had recently done a bicycle safety class at Pine Hill Waldorf School.

Hautanen said he would let the area schools know that the program is available.

n Only time will remove the effects of alcohol, about an hour per drink.

Several club members suggested that the exercise be made part of all driver education classes, noting that if "only one kid is saved," the program is worth it.

by Frechette to keep them from falling.

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