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From mint and broccoli to spinach and squash, the garden bears a resemblance to the Brownsville Farmers Market, where Bustinza has sought out gardeners.

But Bustinza pointed out that it's not just about honoring the three children, known as the Tres Angeles or three angels, but also looking forward and creating a future Brownsville where residents are conscious of where their food comes from.

Bustinza said having the garden as an option has increased her own confidence as a gardener, especially as she has learned tricks of the trade from experienced gardeners. She joked that Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph

Omega Watch With Day And Date

"That's what our body needs," Bustinza said, noting that plant growth depends on good nutrition just like human growth does.

The garden also focuses on sustainable approaches to gardening, using collected rainwater to water plants. The gardeners also don't use pesticides.

garden has come a long way since its time as a vacant lot, littered with trash and overgrown by weeds, explained Rosie Bustinza, who oversees the garden.

"Each plot is as active as the gardener wants it to be," she said.

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The garden is the first step toward replacing those grim memories with a new sense of community, as the city, which purchased the lot and building, is aiming to eventually demolish the building.

Omega Watch With Day And Date

Omega Watch With Day And Date

while her husband, Rolando, was a gifted gardener, she felt defeated when she planted things that didn't thrive.

Bustinza began recruiting prospective gardeners from the surrounding area last fall, after the group received a grant to reclaim the lot from its disarray and transform it into a garden that honors the memory of three children who were slain in 2003 in the building next door.

The plan, Bustinza said, is to expand the community garden project into a small children's park complete with a playground, to help heal wounds still tender from the heinous crime committed at that corner more than 10 years ago.

Omega Watch With Day And Date

Omega Watch With Day And Date

Omega Watch With Day And Date

THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD Posted 10 months ago

´╗┐Community project plants seeds of change

"Hopefully the next generation will know more about nutrition," Bustinza said, noting that her grandson has a plot and that a local Boy Scout troop has the beginnings of a pumpkin patch poking through the soil. "We'll be in full bloom in maybe a month."

And for those who aren't naturally blessed with gardening skills, the group hosts talks with "green thumbs" twice monthly as master gardeners talk about the finer aspects of growing plants.

Omega Watch With Day And Date

The goal, she explained, was to give downtown residents an area for their plants outside of their yards, which sometimes can be cramped.

streets and organizers are now seeing the fruits of their labor. Vegetables, too.

The inaugural growing season at the community garden has begun, and the 26 flower bed plots are filled with promising looking plants bearing peppers, eggplants and an assortment of other fresh produce Omega Watch With Day And Date community members have planted.

"We try and use natural things,' she said.

The garden also makes use of compost, which is renowned for its naturally occurring, plant nourishing nutrients.

It has taken just more than a decade, but the roots of healing have finally taken hold at the Tres Angeles Community Garden at East 8th and Tyler Omega Seamaster Spectre 300

Omega Watch With Day And Date

Omega Watch With Day And Date

Omega Watch With Day And Date

Brownsville Planning Director Ramiro Gonzalez said there is no rigid schedule for the building's razing, but it's not a matter of if but when the building will come down.

Omega Watch With Day And Date

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