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"I came today to spend a little time with my boys and to give Mommy a little time off," Gordon said. "We've never been to Paramount Ranch and thought it would be fun. They made movieshere."

"Today, we want the public to come out Omega Watches Price In India

A live diver, biological technician Kelly Moore, was inside the tank, narrating about the lobster and sea stars inside thewater.

Joanne Moriarty, ecologist at the Carnivore Project, said: "We work with bobcats, coyotes and mountain lions. We're here in the Santa Monica Mountains, which is a very urbanized environment, so a lot of our projects focus on how these animals interact with the urban environment and how it effects them. One of the things Omega Gold Watch Value we do is trap and collar them so we can get information about them, their mortality, how much land they need and potential conflicts between these animals andhumans."

Leslie Gordon, manager of the vertebrate live animal program at the Natural History Museum, was allowing people to pet therosyboa.

"The only venomous snake in California is the rattlesnake," she told the onlookers. "The rest are not. Rosy boas are famous for being nest raiders that go down into a rat or mouse nest and take several babies at a time, which is a really good thing. Snakes are an important balance in ourecosystem."

Kate Kuykendall, public affairs officer with the National Park Service, said the tracking collars cost$5,000.

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Diana Fuentes, 11, of Los Angeles, was holding a small potted purplesage.

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Included at the event were a botany booth, a reptile and amphibian monitoring station, a booth about the water cycle, a herpetology station, a station on fossils and a mobile aquarium from the California ScienceCenter.

About 2,000 people were expected Saturday to attend the third annual science festival at scenic Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, which featured special Omega Seamaster 007 Gold

it can be threatening to the other plants," Kuykendallsaid.

Camarillo's Jeff Gordon brought his two sons Tate, 6, and Spencer, 9. They both had the purple sageplants.

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Omega Gold Watch Value

presentations and hands ondemonstrations.

"Ones that will thrive here and also if it isn't native, Omega Orange Nato Strap

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"I'm learning a lot," Spencer said. "I've learned that bull frogs weren't originally from California. People just brought them here (from the East Coast). I learned that the purple sage is a native plant and I'm going to put it in my mom's garden and water it every day. I've seen a lot of cool things heretoday."

Tarja Sagar was teaching about plants native to thearea.

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Most of the kids loved the animal relatedactivities.

"I got it from the flower station," Diana said. "I learned that you let it have sun and you water it. I really like seeing the animals today,too.

and meet with our scientists who do the field research so people can understand what they do out in our mountains and islands," said Lena Lee, data manager for the National Park Service. "We have scientists here from our own parks and from the Los Angeles County Museum and Natural History and California ScienceCenter."

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´╗┐close look at science at Paramount Ranch

"Ahhhh," said 12 year old Rodolfo Mejia, of Los Angeles, touching the snake. "It feels weird to touch it. It's scaly andsquishy."

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