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Kanny, a former Air Force pilot who wields a shotgun, hasn shot any birds since December, when the population usually peaks. When the coots see you shooting, they leave, he said. It more effective than Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5mm any other deterrent, but concerned residents prefer that course workers not kill the birds.

through five carts, he said.

courses create coots, Smith said. Then, shoot them, almost every year. artificial habitat means normal supply and demand dynamics affecting wild populations don apply. Permitted killing of the birds is legal and it doesn hurt the coot population at all, he said.

never seen this many, said Matt Mulvany, director of agronomy at the city owned Olivas Links and Buenaventura golf courses in Ventura. pretty bad. Park, general manager of the Sterling Hills and Camarillo Springs courses in Camarillo, said the number of coots this season is about double what he usually sees. There are thousands, he said, adding it the most he seen in about a decade at the privately owned public clubs.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5mm

Now, staff members chase the birds with orange flags. But the coots are getting smarter as they get hungrier and are flying out of the lakes onto the greens.

In Ventura, Mulvany has applied for a depredation permit but for now has carts and dogs flushing the nothing else we can do, really, he said.

River Ridge 36 holes cover 400 acres and boast 16 acres of lakes a greenbelt partly surrounded by hundreds of homes.

Tension between coots and golf courses is decades old, he added.

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´╗┐'Coot wars' clashes with duffers' game

Other birds, including ducks, egrets and herons, also are attracted to the water. But those critters don eat the greens, Kanny said. The coots peck down to the roots of the grass, making holes that can create a patchwork that scars the play area.

At Oxnard River Ridge Golf Club, this season harassment program has been ramped up to unprecedented levels. During a two week trial that fully launched Tuesday, up to eight workers at a time are devoted to chasing coots. Players also are encouraged to shoo birds into the water.

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it, said Otto Kanny, general manager of the city owned facility. doing it at a ridiculous cost. How about 64 man hours a day that I throwing at this? Wednesday morning, the second full day of the coot wars, Kanny was encouraged by initial results. At one lake where he counted maybe 600 birds the day before, the number had dropped to about 100. Other lakes also seemed less crowded. But it too soon to say it been a success, he said.

Park said officials used to have a permit to shoot people were yelling, so we cannot do that, he said.

Last spring rains led to a good breeding season for many birds. Local coot populations do sometimes disperse, drawn to permanent ponds when water sources dry up. Seasonal flocking behavior also could contribute to the golf course gatherings.

simple, Kanny said. trick is for us to be more persistent than they

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5mm

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flocks in general are sometimes quite large, totaling several thousand birds, she said.

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The annual turf tussle with the white beaked visitors is nothing new. From fall until spring, many courses run a coot harassment program. Remote controlled airplanes, raptors, fireworks, fences, scarecrows and trip wires have been tried, and some courses have federally issued permits allowing a certain number to be the meat and potatoes management method is simple: Employees in golf carts, sometimes with dogs, herd the birds back onto lakes, where they can eat the grass, and hope the coots get so hungry they leave.

This season coot deluge is in line with local Reed Smith, science chairman of the Ventura Audubon Society, said this year Christmas bird count showed a coot about doubled last year, Smith said.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5mm

Shotguns help keep numbers down at some golf courses, but shooting birds can be problematic, especially if there are homes nearby. Fish and Wildlife Service depredation permit that allows the golf course to kill up to 300 coots per season.

Linnea Hall, executive director of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, a nonprofit research institution in Camarillo that specializes in birds, said West Coast coots aren migratory.

Jennifer Brown, migratory bird specialist with the Fish and Wildlife Service in Sacramento, said 65 permits, valid from September through April, were issued to golf courses in California and Nevada during the 2010 11 season. She couldn immediately determine whether any other courses in Ventura County had a permit. The service estimates 460,744 coots are wintering in California and Nevada.

coot wars that what we calling Omega Seamaster Professional 007 Limited Edition Planet Ocean

On Wednesday, while checking the grounds, he whipped a golf cart around hills and ledges chasing coots, sometimes jumping out and waving his arms to get the birds back in the they don eat, they going to leave. It got to be that Omega Seamaster Spectre Edition

getting tougher and tougher every day, he said.

Kanny was out herding coots himself all day Tuesday.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 37.5mm

On the ground, though, the birds bedevil course managers. Their munching damages greens. Droppings dirty lakes and create unintended hazards season, course officials say the number of the ducklike waterfowl hanging around is much larger than usual.

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